Logistics and Shipping Solutions for Ecommerce Business

Running an eCommerce store? Are you a Seller on Various Online Marketplaces? There are lots of challenges alongside the potential rewards, and many owners can struggle to contend with storage, shipping, and supply issues. In order to operate a successful e-commerce company, you not only need a user-friendly website and a good online marketing strategy, but also the necessary logistics services to operate the business.

The rise in e-commerce has transformed global businesses models, especially in the fast-growing Asia Pacific region. More and more people are becoming habitual to online shopping. This new style of business is creating extensive business opportunities, as well as strong demand for logistic services, and driving fast growth in the O2O (Online to Offline) logistics model. The demands of eCommerce have also given rise to some new features and functions in courier companies. And there are number of potential solutions to consider if you want to give your eCommerce the best chance of running smoothly and profitably.

Integrating with leading logistics companies is a crucial next step in the growth of many businesses.

What does it mean? Essentially, it’s  about website integration API which you can quickly and easily add streamlined shipment services to your website. This would allow you to connect an external application to our system to retrieve pricing, as well as track it every step of the way without having to login to our system.These days, integration is very easy to achieve. Thanks to APIs, or Application Programming Interfaces.

These platforms can typically:
  • Create and generate orders and track when they are dispatched
  • Create and generate bulk orders which are automatically dispatched
  • Track order for the customer

This is where businesses like eCourierz.com come into the picture. eCourierz automates the manual parts of the shipping process – such as fixing customer addresses; generating labels, invoices and pick lists; and alerting customers to tracking numbers. It automatically updates the customer's dashboard with tracking details, keeping your systems up to date; and it includes a full searchable order history and wallet balance history to ensure accuracy and traceability. eCourierz provides merchants with increased speed, efficiency, and accuracy. For their customers, it can provide more reliable and faster delivery.

eCourierz for all the ecommerce order

Benefits of using our Ecommerce Shipping Integration:
  • Can calculate the real shipping prices based on factors like Pincodes, Weight and Dimensions of your parcel.
  • Freedom to select shipping channels and prices of your choice.
  • Directly print labels for your single or bulk orders from your ecourierz dashboard
  • Our system automatically sends shipping tracking information to the customer through eamil and notify any changes during the delivery process, hence reduce the service calls from customer.
  • Customers will have the ability to check shipping options and rates and can choose any of the available shipping option during checkout.
  • Manually Calculate shipping rates by determining the quantity of items ordered,total weight, and invoice amount based on the destination zip code or country.
  • Avail free pickup service from all our shipping partner.
  • Manage your COD orders very conveniently by availing the COD services from us.
  • Features like Amazon upload, Excel bulk upload, Woo commerce plugins, API Integrations and others will make shipping simpler and easier.
  • Our dedicated support team will be assisting you with all the queries efficiently.


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