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How To Integrate WooCommerce With eCourierz?

The growth trajectory of people shopping online is rising day by day with the reach of internet to major parts of India. This has given rise to many small startups, home-based business and individuals who have started selling their products to the customers all over the world. With demand comes the competition. In order to survive in the industry one needs to concentrate more on retaining the existing customers than acquiring the new ones. One of the best ways to accomplish it is by fulfilling the orders timely. To do this without any lag, it’s crucial to act immediately once the order is placed.  Hence eCourierz has come up with WooCommerce integration which helps the sellers to instantly ship the products to the customers through eCourierz, once the order is received. Some of the major advantages of using WooCommerce API plugin are: 1.You can quickly book the pickup once you obtain the order placed by the customer in your dashboard, without logging into the ecourierz webs

Beginners Guide for Importing Goods to India

Exchange of goods among countries has been happening for decades. Importing goods from another country was neither easy then, nor it is now unless one has quite a lot of expertise in it. To have a fairly long and strong regime in imports, one must know the import business thoroughly. Globalization has resulted in building the demand for all sectors of businesses with imports and export not left behind, thereby opening the door of opportunity for the exporters and importers to establish their businesses. Before bumping into the import business, you must be well acquainted with the roadmap of doing it, without which you won't be able to sustain in the long run. STEP 1 : Gather the documents Before starting an import business ensure that you have all these documents beforehand so that you don't end up delaying things. a) IEC Registration: One has to get Import Export Code before starting cross-border import/export of goods. Registration of IEC from the

Cons of Flat Shipping Charges

Even with the progression of technology many customers still think twice to shop online due to security breaches. Making online shopping easy for the user by offering flexible payments options, reasonable shipping modes, user-friendly website makes them trust your brand to some extent. Customers decide to purchase a product after thinking hard on the total product costs. After your product has successfully cleared the pricing hurdle, the customer now orders your product. But wait! Why did the customer abandon the cart in checkout page! What made your happy customer walk away from your store with dissatisfaction? Researches have revealed that the major cause for the cart abandonment is due to the shipping rates furnished by the sellers. Customers are very particular about to the price they pay to buy anything online. If they reckon that the shipping cost for that product is not feasible then the likelihood of them passing to the next step of the purchase dr

Have a parcel to send immediately ? Choose Priority Overnight.

In our every day's busy schedule, we need things to be done at a lightning speed no matter it’s a business or personal work. Has it occurred to you before wherein you wanted to send a document/parcel overnight to a consignee in another city/country and you are not aware of how to send it? Who can deliver it quickly? Sometimes sending even the smallest of the business document, medical prescription or application to university , by the next morning might look like heap of difficulties. Personal or official, when there is a need to send parcels immediately, you cannot rely on the standard services as it consumes lot of time you can instead opt for express service which gets your parcel delivered the next working day. We live in an age where time is equivalent to money. Thus, it is imperative to ensure that every business fulfills the needs of the customers timely or at a quicker rate in order to build a positive aura for the brand as well as to attain the customer l