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What happens to the parcels held in the Customs, if not cleared?

If you are an established businessman or a newbie to the import-Export business, it is imperative to understand the inside out of customs and to know how your business gets affected by customs. So what are Customs duties?
Customs duties are imposed on goods entering the destination country. The customs duties are levied on imported goods in order to safeguard the country’s domestic industries and employment. Hence all the businesses importing the goods must comply with the rules and regulations set by the government.
If the parcel you ship seems suspicious, or the item is prohibited, or if any documents are missing, etc., then the customs authorities hold the parcel and may ask to submit the necessary documents or ask for more details of your parcel. Unless the necessary actions as suggested by the customs is not performed, your shipment will not be moved for delivery. If in case the seller or the consignee doesn’t pay the duty within the specified time, then the shipment will be destro…

Best Payment Gateways for your E-commerce Store

It takes a lot of effort, time and money to drive traffic to your website irrespective of the size of your business. Upon which there is no assurance that the entire cluster of traffic will be converted into your customers, as there are many criteria’s which may result in the drop off of the customers until they reach the checkout page. But if a majority of the traffic abandons the shopping cart at the checkout page, then there could be only a single reason for it, which is the payment options.

Customers are very particular on the method of payment for the products which they want to buy. If you do not provide flexible payment options, then they may not make a purchase. If your business provides international services, it becomes crucial to have payment gateways which support different currencies as well. Before we move on to the different payment gateways, let's understand the features that we need to check while selecting a payment gateway for your business. Some of the salient …