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Measures To Reduce COD Failures And Returns

The demand for eCommerce business has given rise to many online businesses. Due to huge competition, eCommerce sector has turned into a battlefield where companies are coming up with new ideas and strategies to entice the customers to purchase their products. Are you a startup? Do you have an eCommerce store? Are you thinking of incorporating different payment modes such as COD for your customers ? Hold on! Some people tend to abuse COD. They might randomly order high-priced products and simply reject it when delivered. COD is definitely a very smart way of channeling your customers to the sales funnel. But one of the main drawbacks of COD is returns, which doubles the shipping charge for the E-seller. Hence COD could be a little insecure when it comes to payment options. However, we cannot deny the fact that COD is an effortless way to earn a wide range of customers. For instance, in India people prefer to see products physically before paying for it and fe

Import Export Code (IEC) and Its Uses

With maximum global population using internet for online shopping, it is necessary for any online sellers to expand their brand overseas as well to capture the prospects in the foreign land. But cross-border shipping is not simple as domestic shipping. Import or export of goods or services is controlled by Central Government of India’s, foreign trade policy and certain documentation and registrations have to be done if you are sending packages to abroad as a commercial shipment from India. One such very important registration is, getting IEC i.e. Importer Exporter Code. If you are sending shipment for personal use then, IEC is not required. Let us understand more about IEC and the need to have it. What is IEC? In order to trade any product or services to overseas from India or vice versa, of value above Rs 25,000 as commercial shipment then, it is must to have IEC, irrespective of the magnitude of your business. Importer Exporter Code constitutes 10 digit number given