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How to avoid shipping delay Operating an e-commerce store is not as easy as it sounds. No matter how many goods you ship in a day, any small obstacle in the fulfillment process can put your business on the toss. Customers are always anxious to know about the whereabouts of the products which they ordered. Any variation in the delivery date will lead to frustrating customers writing a bad review on your website and social media, which can ruin your business eminence. It is imperative for any e-seller to avoid delivery setbacks as it may inhibit the growth of the company. In order to dodge this, you need to know the actual causes of the delay. Delay in shipment delivery may occur due to many reasons and some of them are: 1. Delay in Customs: Some of the sellers undervalue their product while declaring in the customs to avoid heavy customs duties while shipping internationally. But when customs officers investigate the product and recognize it as an undervalued produc

How to track the shipment ?

The tremendous competition in the e-commerce industry makes every seller obligatory to strive for on-time delivery without any perturbation. Customers churn rate increases if quality service is not furnished resulting in customers moving to other brands. A delay, damaged or missing parcel can cost a lot to the seller. Hence it is imperative to partner with a reliable courier partner who can offer real-time tracking of your shipment so that you can keep your customers notified on the arrival of the product. Before diving into how to track your courier online and its advantages, let's quickly unwrap how courier tracking process works. Tracking status is fundamentally utilized to track the shipment's real-time location and to estimate its delivery date. Each and every point of the stop which the shipment confronts is reported i.e. from Picked up, In-transit, Shipped, On-hold to Delivered which may vary from company to company. Once you book order through any cour


Cheaper rates, free delivery, seasonal offers have made online shopping as the first preference of the customers. With cutthroat competition, acquiring new customers is a tough nut to crack, upon which managing the orders is a tough job indeed. Even with a good volume of customers placing orders, if you don't fulfill the orders timely, you will lead your business nowhere. When you have more orders in a day to be fulfilled, it is difficult to search for carrier services which suit each package, service availability for customer’s location, reliable service provider and last but not the least a service provider who offers best rates for shipping with on-time delivery. Shipping is the most significant action in the sequence of completing customer's purchase cycle. Since it is crucial for any E-sellers to give a flawless shipping journey to the customers, we have simplified your shipping experience by developing an API Integration. This plugin helps you to integ