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What happens to the parcels held in the Customs, if not cleared?

If you are an established businessman or a newbie to the import-Export business, it is imperative to understand the inside out of customs and to know how your business gets affected by customs. So what are Customs duties?
Customs duties are imposed on goods entering the destination country. The customs duties are levied on imported goods in order to safeguard the country’s domestic industries and employment. Hence all the businesses importing the goods must comply with the rules and regulations set by the government.
If the parcel you ship seems suspicious, or the item is prohibited, or if any documents are missing, etc., then the customs authorities hold the parcel and may ask to submit the necessary documents or ask for more details of your parcel. Unless the necessary actions as suggested by the customs is not performed, your shipment will not be moved for delivery. If in case the seller or the consignee doesn’t pay the duty within the specified time, then the shipment will be destro…

Best Payment Gateways for your E-commerce Store

It takes a lot of effort, time and money to drive traffic to your website irrespective of the size of your business. Upon which there is no assurance that the entire cluster of traffic will be converted into your customers, as there are many criteria’s which may result in the drop off of the customers until they reach the checkout page. But if a majority of the traffic abandons the shopping cart at the checkout page, then there could be only a single reason for it, which is the payment options.

Customers are very particular on the method of payment for the products which they want to buy. If you do not provide flexible payment options, then they may not make a purchase. If your business provides international services, it becomes crucial to have payment gateways which support different currencies as well. Before we move on to the different payment gateways, let's understand the features that we need to check while selecting a payment gateway for your business. Some of the salient …

5 Proven Product Pricing Strategies for E-commerce Business

There was a time when E-commerce was utilized only by the younger generation of India. But with the easy availability of the internet, online shopping is becoming more prevalent among people of all age groups, thus raising the count of sellers online.
Having an exquisite website isn’t enough to entice the customers. Customers don't hit the purchase button before considering certain features, especially the price of the product. Customers generally ransack the internet for the best deals available for the products which they want to buy.
Though you impart standard products to your customers, there are other competitors who also sell the same quality products at a cheaper rate. This can result in customers switching to your competitors if they feel your product price is higher.
This can put your brand one step behind the other competitors. Certain price comparison platforms make the search process easy, by listing out all the best deals with just a click. This makes it crucial for the…

Custom Clearance-How Does It Work?

Most of the newbie entrepreneurs shy away from international import or export due to the high complexities involved in cross border shipping. The one thing which makes International shipping a chill wind is the customs clearance. If you are planning to import the goods and sell it in the local market, then you must get used to the word “Customs Clearance” as this can wreck your import dreams if you don't understand what it is, how it works and how will it affect your import business. So let's dive in deep to understand what is customs clearance.
In order to monitor the movement of the goods across the border, a certain set of rules and regulations have been formulated by every country. Which every individual willing to import or export the goods across the border must comply. In order to conserve the local industries, employment opportunities and to protect the local market from the foreign competition, duties and taxes are imposed on the goods which are being imported. Further…

Things to Consider While Writing a Shipping Policy

Shipping policy is a predominant aspect of an online business. Many studies on customer behavior have revealed that a majority of the customer’s purchase decision solely depends on the shipping policy on the product. A shipping policy cannot be neglected as it can make or break your business, especially if your company is based out in India.

A substantial share of customers in India purchase products from an online store only if the shipping policy meets their expectations. Most of the customers shop online with an intention of returning it. This is the reason why they want to know more about your shipping policy, returns, and refund policy. In that event, only a customer friendly shipping policy can give that essence of trust and credence for your brand and can scale up your conversions.

Customers want to know inside out of the events that occur once they place an order i.e. when will I receive the product? Can I return the product? What is the time band in the return process? And the…

A Step by Step Guide on Importing Goods from China

The first name which comes to our mind when we think of countries to import from is unanimously China! It's hard to believe, but the fact is that the products which we use, right from the toothbrush to mobile phones are imported from China. Our lives are strongly controlled by the products with the label “Made in China” as we have been using them in our daily routine since quite a time. This drills down to the obvious question which hovers in our mind - Why China?

What makes China a favorite destination for imports, is cheaper labor cost and adequate resources. This has made China one of the top countries in the manufacturing sector, which not only attracts sellers from India but also from different parts of the world.
Importing goods from China seems like a tough job. Indeed it is! You will have to bear the hardship of currency, language, finding a genuine seller, transportation etc., but with proper planning and strategy, it can change your stars. With a drastic increase in the e-…

Shipping FAQs

With a surge in the count of individuals using online platform for shopping, shipping has become a part of the daily activity for any e-commerce sellers. Though you run an online store, you have to be aware of the insights on shipping as it can be of great value when you are sending your products to your customers.

Having acquaintance of shipping avoids your shipment from getting held up or getting delayed, which might occur if you aren't aware of how things work in the logistics industry. Along with your business strategies, you have to devise a plan for shipping as well. From how to pack your products to POD you should be aware of each and every bit that governs your business. So we have clubbed and listed out a few of the frequently asked questions that a shipper comes across while shipping.

1. How do I book courier online? Visit our website Sign up and create an account by giving all the necessary details. Once your account is created, fill all the details…