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Can Courier Service Be Used To Send Luggage?

Affordable rates and lesser journey time have made travel way easier. Whether it is official or personal, people keep traveling from cities to cities or countries for a better opportunity, vacation, official trip, higher studies etc. Reasons may be many, but one of the main pain points of traveling to other cities/countries is the luggage. You might be traveling by air, bus or rail, but you can carry only a limited amount of luggage with you. Let’s assume that you are moving to another city by air for your own reasons and you have a pile of luggage to carry with you & another plane to change. If your baggage weight exceeds the weight limit set by the airlines, then extra fees will be charged by the airlines which might sometime be way higher than the amount which you paid for the air tickets. In order to change another flight, imagine the time spent in waiting for the luggage to arrive. These hefty fees can be avoided by sending your luggage through a reliable courier s

How to avoid Failed Deliveries during Festive season? An insight for Ecommerce sellers.

Did you know that one of 20 online orders never make it to its determined location? This is an extremely worrying statistic for retailers and for their customers. Failed deliveries are a nightmare for any seller across the globe. Failed delivery is one of the most common problems in the supply chain and last mile delivery operations. The extent of deliveries at this time of the year will give all retailers a huge pressure to process and deliver every order on time. Clearly communicating about deadlines is an highly important starting point in terms of managing expectation, but it is also crucial that retailers deliver on their promises to make those deliveries prior to the festive. Failed deliveries may cost a fortune, not just because of increased operational cost but also because its one of the first reasons for disappointed customers who decides to not to go with that company again and can become someone who can damage the brand's reputation badly. There