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Tips : Make a great impression with your Product Packaging

Everybody knows that First impression is ever lasting impression. Packaging is a secondary consideration to the product itself and packaging is a key part of marketing.We all judge books by their cover. So, your services will be judged by the  packaging you are providing. Customer’s first impression will come from the packaging rather than the product! Before opening the product, they’re looking at the box with your logo and brand name on it. Companies devote countless hours to perfectly designing a product, making sure it offers the absolute best value for the money. After that, packaging can seem more like a necessary evil rather than anything important. Packaging should be more than a cardboard box or a mode of delivery. It’s a best way to amplify your services and gain a impression in the  eyes of  customer. There’s no doubt that packaging is a key part of marketing — unpacking a product is that all-important moment when customers connect with a product for the first time.If you

Cut the Shipping Costs with these Handy Tips

eCommerce Shipping with eCourierz Shipping is the backbone of eCommerce; keeping shipping costs down and quality up is crucial factors in maintaining profitability and retaining customers. Herein lays the challenge for eCommerce business owners – shipping rates are on the rise. Before going into depth, I would like to say that Shippers must realize that the amount of effort put into performance management is related to the ability and success rate of (parcel) transportation cost control. If you know your shipments and their costs in details, will always help to abstract a profitable amount of your parcel transportation costs. 1. Carrier selection Most carriers — whether express, parcel or freight — provide discounts to businesses that routinely ship or receive merchandise. The old adage “everything is negotiable” is an immutable fact when it comes to shipping fees; however, the challenge for small businesses is how to go about obtaining the same, steep discounts t