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Mistakes Receiver Do While Receiving A Parcel

There are certain common mistakes which every person (who is entitled to receive the parcel) do. Being the receiver, you have to ensure that you are following a certain common procedure to receive the parcel that is entitled to you and if not, avoid committing the mistake which could cost you much more than you have imagined it to be. 
Here are some of the mistakes receiver do when parcel arrives to their doorstep -
1. Not checking the information on package / Keeping the wrong parcel This happens quite a number of times. There are chances of misdelivery if you don’t check the information on package properly before signing the POD. There is no harm in reviewing the name and address that you have incorporated for the delivery of the parcel.  There are at times when you might end up receiving the wrong item that you didn't order for. Also, it is illegal to keep someone else's courier. Not only you are committing the biggest mistake but also creating a problem for the person who is…