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This startup can tell you which delivery service best suits your needs

Online Courier service provider - eCourierz Are you too confused with courier services around? You might want to give online marketplace eCourierz a shot For the 25-year old employee of a logistics and infrastructure firm in Mumbai, it was disturbing to see the opaqueness and inefficiency of the logistics industry, especially when India spends around 14 per cent of its GDP on logistics as opposed to 9 per cent for developed countries. Sreenivas Saba sensed the immense untapped potential in this industry that is suffering due to lack of infrastructure, technology and their associated inefficiencies. Saba was on a lookout for a business model that could bridge the gap in understanding between customers and companies by bringing in some transparency, which eventually led to eCourierz.It is an online marketplace for the courier and express industry that helps people make informed choices by providing them with the best and cheapest options. It also helps courier and exp