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Shipping for eCommerce Sellers - Importance & Challenges

Ecommerce fulfilment is a distinct logistical area within the ecommerce industry . Data-driven and well-integrated into the end-to-end flow, this is a highly specialized business. There was a past when the retailers used to directly source goods from suppliers and manufacturers. The products are distributed through eCommerce fulfilment distribution centers. Logistics includes lot of things like inventory management, warehousing, billing, packaging, labelling, shipping, COD, payment, product return & exchange, and many others. Logistics is indispensable for the ecommerce industry . To be more specific, it’s better to claim that good logistic service is mandatory for the ecommerce operation. Ecommerce success depends on the logistics . Some of the Challenges faced by eCommerce Logistics Fulfilment of the last mile delivery    Reducing Transportation Costs Improving Supply Chain Visibility Enhancing Customer Experience Cash on delivery Service Managing Returns and exchanges What make