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Pickup Manifest and its Importance

In Logistics industry, every shipping document has its own significance. Among all other documents, a Pickup or courier manifest is also one of the highly essential document. A Pickup or Courier manifest is a key documentation that is used as proof of confirmation that your parcel have been picked up by the courier partner . It streamlines the pickup process to a great extent. It is critical to make a manifest because it is required to group your shipments together. Why is a Manifest required? Manifest can be used to make a compensation claim owing to the loss or damage of shipments by Carrier partners.       2.  Manifest is the initial process in your shipping after making invoice which helps in final checking of necessary details used for successful shipment.     3.  Manifest is crucial for clubbing your multiple shipments.     4.  Manifests are required when requesting pickup-related help or escalation.     5.  Not just that, in case your shipment is untraceable after the pickup,