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Why you should opt for a Third Party Courier for your online business ?

How eCourierz works? Sending courier online or online courier bookings are always a matter of hesitation for people. The benefits of a third party logistics service provider is not always brought to light, and this blog aims to do so. Being one of the most prominent courier service in India, there is one that we have learnt better than others: Not all business are alike even if they are in the same niche, as those business have challenges of their own and what a right logistics provider does is make your supply chain more effective. Here’s how- 1. Plethora of resources Being one of India’s fastest growing international service provider , the most credible factor we can state regarding the business model of courier service in India is that there are a lot of resources at disposal with the service providers, and hence it is better to outsource. They have the power to leverage and propel relationships that have a positive impact on delivery time, costs and experience. Low

6 Interesting Facts About Courier Industry in India-The Rise of E-Commerce Logistics Providers

eCourierz having multiple courier partners. The growth rate is Astonishing-Did you know it’s on par with other sectors? With an annual growth rate of 25%,the Indian parcel courier market is estimated to be in the tune of 4000 crores. It's been a phenomenal growth, before the Industrial era, messages were hand-delivered using runners, trained pigeons, riders on horseback etc. The Population of Asian countries makes it count! The Global E-commerce sales touched $1.5 trillion this year, with consumers in Asia-Pacific overtaking North America for the first time in terms of E-commerce sales; China would overtake the USA next year as the single largest E-commerce market (source: Worldwide report of global ecommerce sales Get ready to count Billions! India does not rank in top 10 countries in terms of e-commerce sales,  however,  India & China today are one of the fastest growing countries in terms of e-commerce sales.  India’s E-commerce