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Best Packaging Guidelines for Your Ecommerce Parcels.

To avoid damage, use strong and new packaging material . With trending Ecommerce industry, it is important to ensure that the order fulfillment is done on time. It is also equally important that the parcel is received by the customer in good condition. Since logistics involves changes in warehouse, transport vehicles and handlers, it is important that package is properly packed so that it reaches the customer intact. Since there is no interaction between seller and customer, it is important that the package which you send is in good condition, as this serves as the trust factor for the customers and will make them come back to you for more . It is essential to pack the items safely, attractive and cost-effectively. Here are some of the quick tips to pack the parcels which will ensure seamless transport of the package and save the shipping cost as well. Packaging to reduce volumetric weight: The main component which determines the cost involved in shipping is the volu

Why do Courier Pickup Person Refuse to Collect the Package?

The logistics industry has undergone a lot of changes since a decade. Major reason being, flourishment of E-commerce industry and adoption of new technology in logistics. With the touch of technology, logistics has considerably digitized, except some portions where human intervenience is necessary. Websites like make it easy for customers to ship anytime, anywhere. Even with these constructive augmentations, sometimes lag/complication might happen in the process. Even if you are a persistent shipper, sometimes you might have encountered a state where courier pickup person has arrived to collect the package but he refuses to collect the parcel giving some reasons. There might be different reasons behind it, let us consider few of the scenarios to understand better. 1. Improper Package Proper packaging of the item is very crucial in shipping. If you have packed the item with low-quality packaging material or if you have a liquid item to ship and pic

What is Amazon FBA and How does it work ?

The popularity of online shopping has made many bricks and mortar companies to go online. Having an online store is not an easy business. With many well-established E-Commerce companies already deepened their roots in the market, it is obligatory for small business to impart timely order fulfillment. To hasten your business growth it is always preferable to sell your products in a formerly flourished company like Amazon , as their prodigious customer base can uplift your business overnight. Generally, all small business stumble upon in warehousing, logistics, and fulfillment. Fulfillment by Amazon enables storing, packing your parcel and also delivering it to your customers. This entitles Small business owners to focus on expanding their business rather than other aspects of fulfillment. Let us understand what does Amazon FBA offers and advantages of it. Interpreting Amazon FBA You can anytime sell your products on Amazon. If you are a small business owner and you don&