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How does your Parcel get lost?

Less common, but still can happen. Millions of parcels are delivered across the world every day. Although many of the parcels are delivered successfully, there are some occasions where packages do go missing. Let's understand why a package might go missing. Logistics industry has experienced a drastic shift ever after the adoption of advanced technology especially the automation. The tech enables logistics has simplified the life of shippers predominantly the e-commerce sellers. The advanced tracking system which enables the shippers to know the exact location of the shipment to ensure a safe delivery of the products to the customer. But even amidst these, mistakes may happen and your package might get lost in the transit. The reasons may be many, below are few of the possibilities due to which the parcel might get lost. Why do shipments go missing or lost? Scenario 1: Generally, the common and recurring reason for a parcel to get astray is due to damaged shipping lab

Guide to Hidden Shipping Fees and How to avoid them?

  Guide to Hidden Shipping Fees and How to avoid them? If you've ever transported goods internationally, you may have received some unexpected surprises from your courier partner upon getting your monthly invoice: fuel surcharges, DDP handling costs and delivery surcharge for isolated locations. Nobody enjoys getting startled by hidden fees or additional surcharges, so we've put together this guide to help you understand where these expenses come from and what to expect from future shipments. Express Couriers and Postal Couriers – What’s the difference? When it comes to pricing you will see a significant difference between express and postal courier service. The pricing for postal couriers is simple: you will be responsible for the majority of the shipping charges. However, the pace of their services is slow, and the quality of their services is low. Express couriers, on the other hand, provide quick and dependable services, but their cost is significantly more complicate