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What is HSN code? Understanding its Significance

HSN stands for Harmonised System of Nomenclature . HSN code is used worldwide to identify different categories and types of products. Usually HSN code is 6 digits long but in India there are additional 2 digits are used to add deeper details. This code was introduced in 1988 by World Custom Organisations for classification of goods both Domestic and International . How to find your HSN code? You can easily find your HSN code At GST portal just follow these simple steps: Visit:  Go to – Services – User Services – Search HSN Code  You will need to enter Chapter, Name or code, in case if you don’t have these details you can download the HSN excel sheet and search there. HSN Code in India In India, HSN codes are used to regulate trade and make it easy to check and compute the GST rate that is payable on every item. Using the HSN code, anyone may obtain the GST rate for their products, making trading faster and easier. It is also required to utilise the correct HS

Ultimate Guide for Understanding Indian Custom Duties and Taxes

Shipping internationally comes up with many challenges and pre-calculations for successful deliveries but the biggest factors that require proper understanding are custom duties and taxes. To assist you comprehend shipping duties we have created this ultimate guide to clarify methods, and provide best practices for handling these practice so you can prepare your Business to meet Custom regulations . What are Custom duties and taxes? Custom duties and taxes are tariffs imposed on goods imported from other countries into our nation and on goods exported to other countries from India. These tariffs are mainly imposed to control the flow of banned commodities across the international borders. Undoubtedly, It is one of the biggest source of Central Fiscal Revenue and charging taxes legitimately is one of the most important task of Custom authorities. Why Custom duties matter in International Shipping? In India Custom duty is well defined under Act of Customs, 1962 and each and eve

7 Most Common Reasons for Shipment Delivery Delays

One of the biggest challenges in ecommerce shipping is that business owners must be ready to provide delivery services to their customers on time. How to avoid shipping delays is an important question. Operating an e-commerce store is not as easy as it sounds. No matter how many goods you ship in a day, any small obstacle in the fulfillment process can put your business on the toss. Customers are always anxious to know about the whereabouts of the products which they ordered. Any variation in the delivery date will lead to frustrating customers writing a bad review on your website and social media, which can ruin your business eminence. It is imperative for any e-seller to avoid delivery setbacks as it may inhibit the growth of the company. However, here are the most common reasons you need to know which causes the delay. What are the causes of delay in shipment delivery? Customs Delay : Some of the sellers undervalue their product while declaring in the customs to avoid heav

Guidelines to Start International Shipping for your Business

If you want to expand your ecommerce business , expanding beyond your borders could be a great next step - but you'll need to figure out how to ship internationally first. Shipping worldwide for your Small and Medium Business Having a successful eCommerce business in domestic market proves that you are doing well in your niche. But your niche can be spread all over the country. Fortunately, there are numerous parcel delivery services that can assist you in getting your product into (almost) every country on the earth - depending on what you're selling, of course. There are several factors that are needed to be considered before starting to serve your international customers: Check Customs and International Shipping Regulations The best way to find out what is allowed and what is not is to visit the official customs website for your destination country. Most governments make it quite clear what is and is not permitted. There are different restrictions in different coun