Correct way of Packaging will save your shipping cost by 100%.

eCommerce sellers needs to Monitor DIM, Oversize Charges.

Shipping companies charge on Actual Weight or Volume weight whichever is higher. It is imperative for any e-commerce sellers to adjust your carton sizes / Pouches to avoid dimensional weight (DIM) and oversize surcharges. FedEx, Aramex, Delhivery, DOTZOT, eCom Express and UPS all have weight minimums and oversize penalties, which are referred to as DIM charges. These extra fees are calculated on the relationship between package weight and package size. Once if you understand how these billing rules work, you will be able to adjust the length, width or height of your parcels to eliminate the extra costs.

Ways to reduce extra volume weight surcharges :
1. Suggestion: A proper shipping scale instead of using your any scales (Weighing + Measuring scales). Many times we need to be more accurate with the weight you specify when booking a parcel online. This will protect you from overpaying as well as from additional surcharges being billed to you if your parcel appears to be volumetrically heavier. It is also must to have a Camera to take few images of your parcels to have it in your records for Proof, just in case if companies overcharge you.

2. As a best Industry practice, please follow the golden rule of shipping – Always pack your parcel the way you would like it to be packed for you. If your parcel is packed, it will reduce the risk of it being returned back to shipper/origin because of damage. This Proper packaging will not only protect shipper/ sellers from the possible loss but also save you some time and headache of having to deal with the situation and re sending the shipment to Customer with Extra Shipping costs.

Use Light Weight Packaging Material to Save Extra Charges of Freight.
3. Very Importantly, sellers need to choose the lightest possible packaging material, e.g. bubble wrap, Tamper-proof pouches to protect parcel contents from damage. Keep note, packaging materials will add additional weight and will raise shipping cost of your parcel. Sellers buy packaging materials in bulk to save some extra money.
Wrong Packaging - Smaller Content Parcel.
4. Many times we make a mistake of choosing wrong size packaging materials. Its very important to Choose the size of the package according to its content. Often a small and lightweight item is sent in a box or pouches way bigger than it needs and this results in increased courier delivery price. To avoid these unnecessary costs, use scales & weighing machines & volumes calculator. Even Air filled Tamper Pouches add additional Volume weight charges on your parcel.  After measuring your parcel dimensions use calculator to find the best price for your parcel’s actual or volumetric weight. Using will be able to compare shipping charges before you send. Remember,e-commerce sellers always pay for – actual or volumetric – weight whichever is higher. Thus, if you see the volumetric weight exceeds the actual one significantly, choose a smaller box.


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