Best Practice for Increasing Online Sales for Online sellers

Its very clear if you are reading this, there are high chances you are thinking of starting your own online business. Marketplaces like Flipkart, Amazon, and Snapdeal are giving huge opportunities to young students, housewives, and small shop owners to scale their businesses and earn good money. However, there are various factors which need to be looked at before starting an online business.

Its advised to sell something unique and different
Discounts and Offer to attract more customer

The details product listing make a lot of difference while you sell online if your products are one among many, there are very high chances of loosing sales to your competitions. However, by listing something unique products not only your sales increases but also your visibility and ratings will go up.

Take advantage of few search keywords for more visibility of your listings & creative contents & product descriptions
Increase your business visibility on search engine

Never underestimate the power of search keywords & content. Though its looks not prominent, many people search for specific keywords and it’s with these keywords, the chances of your listing show on top is high. Creative Content plays a vital role for higher sales.

Efforts needed on marketing at marketplaces
Create a marketing plan

Many Sellers think, by listing online, they will have the huge flow of hundreds of orders.  But, there is no magic to make it quickly. You will have to make this happen. First Sellers has to find ways to distinguish amongst many people in a virtual mall. You have to think smart and focus on making your products visible. Get good photography of your products that could be your one of the differentiator.

Think a step ahead of your competition
Think ahead of your competitor
Investing in the correct resources is very important to beat your competition. As you know, you have to compete with existing sellers. Statistics says many of the sellers on marketplaces are shopkeepers and they are not the ones who may not invest in design and photography since they work in the traditional mode. Using social media could be of your advantage. Make use of the digital knowledge which competition does not.

Ensure to reduce and never underestimate the cost of returns.
Cost of return
Business is a business. Ensure to keep accounts of everything, right from the little things used for the product like tapes, pouches, packagings etc. Recovering your costs is of primary importance. Its advised to not to sell too low with the hope of getting more orders. In additions to this underestimate the cost of returns.
Packing properly is to save money on extra shipping.
Pack properly and save money
As a best Industry practice, please follow the golden rule of shipping – Always pack your parcel the way you would like it to be packed for you. If your parcel is packed, it will reduce the risk of it being returned back to shipper/origin because of damage. This Proper packaging will not only protect shipper/ sellers from the possible loss but also save you some time and headache of having to deal with the situation and re-sending the shipment to Customer with Extra Shipping costs.

Choose Correct Shipping Partner
Choose the best shipping partner around the world 
No matter how good your products are, choosing a correct delivery partner is most important. Online Shipping Solutions like & offers simplified multiple shipping options for eCommerce Sellers & SMEs in India. It Started in 2015 with an intention to simplify shipping process thru Price Discovery, More Shipping Options & Convenience.


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