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Cash On Delivery : Advantages and Disadvantages and Why is it Working Best in India.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cash on delivery Cash On Delivery (COD) is currently one of the most popular mode of payments among Indian online websites. If we analyze, one of the major reason for its popularity is that the buyers do not have to pay anything before the goods are delivered to them. This option helps new buyers in giving some confidence to as e-commerce is still a growing concept in India which is fairly nascent at this stage. Major reasons why COD is  most popular in India 1. Lack of Payment Options Payment Options The majority of India’s population either does not have a Debit or Credit card and the ones that do, do not use it so much for online transactions. Debit Cards are basically used to withdraw cash from ATMs but not for online transactions. Therefore COD is the best means where an e-commerce seller can reach out to buyers even if they don’t have means to make an online payment. 2. Product Condition and Satisfaction


A significant stage after production of goods or their procurement is the preparation for their shipping or to dispatch them to the customers. This involves labeling, packaging, packing and marking. Labeling requirements differ from country to country and the same should be ascertained well in advance from the buyer. shipping becomes important since that is what gives the first impression of your company but also can gain customer’s trust in the company. This is why it is extremely important that the whole procedure is followed through to the end to ensure a smooth delivery. A properly attached shipping label will guarantee the smooth service. A shipping label includes the name and address of the Shipper and the Recipient both. It also includes a barcode for the shipping company to scan. Packaging and Labeling of product Unquestionably, shipping labels play a crucial role in the entire delivery process that may or may not be as obvious. A shipping label firstly indicates

Importance of Packaging in Logistics Industry

Packaging plays a very important role in making logistics successful.It helps in avoiding in transit damage and reducing cost by reducing “Volumetric weight” .Volumetric weight is a common standard practice of calculating weight being applied by almost all courier companies across the world. There is slight variation in determining this Volumetric weight. Some players have different metrics based on Mode of Transportation also. Volumetric Weight – LBH in cm/ 5000 (Air Mode) Volumetric weight – LBH in cm/ 2700 (Surface Mode) Volumetric weight for Bulk carriers are LBH in cm/27000= 1 CFT. 1 CFT = 8 kg- 10 KG Importance of Ply in Carton Packaging Moreover, packaging can add a value in making the first impression on your clients. The best way is to use carton boxes to make optimal usage of space for your parcel and for safety purpose also. Carton boxes are of 3 ply, 5 ply or 7 ply. Ply basically represents the thickness of carton box. Types of ply The lin

Interesting Facts Every E- commerce Sellers to Know

Ecommerce Sellers It’s imperative to consider these before choosing any eCommerce shipping companies . India Post ( Government department) has the largest reach covering almost every pin-code in India If you notice, India has around 25,000 listed pin codes. However, the largest private courier can maximum have a reach of 15,000 pincodes. To transport anything, the only few possible ways are Air, Road, and Rail. However, Waterways or Seaways are used for bulk international shipment and not generally for e-commerce shipments. Important Factors to keep in mind before starting the discussion with Courier Companies Serviceability :Any courier company, for a given pin-code should be able to tell whether they will either service it for all types of payment modes (Cash on Delivery or Prepaid), or only Prepaid, or does not service that pin code at all. Shipping charges : Which is composed of multiple elements 1] Freight/ Courier rate – These charge

E Commerce trends that will be powerful in 2017

Last year, lots of things happened in the e-commerce industry --mobile continued to control traffic and sales, Instagram turns up for product discovery, Amazon continues to set the bar for rapid shipping regularly, to name a few. Even with the declining cost of setting up an online enterprise, scaling a business continues to be a challenge for most entrepreneurs. Brands and corporates are investing heavily in technology to stay on top of their game.The youngsters from the middle class in emerging markets like China will grow substantially and be richer than their previous generation. E-commerce companies in India that want to be on top in the coming year need to pay close attention to upcoming trends and work on riding the wave.This year is going to be just as interesting and exciting as technology, devices and platforms continued to grow more sophisticated and integrated.Certain e-commerce shipping solution and logistic provider in 2017 will follow a pattern of predictable

International Shipping: Top 5 Challenges & Possible Solutions

International Shipping with eCourierz E commerce Business has opened up the floodgates of opportunity for e-com sellers across the globe where billions of transactions take place each day, online, in non local markets. Now assuming you are all set to ship a Parcel to an International destination. You have taken all necessary steps and followed all the steps in Packing, Labeling and Sealing the Parcel , which you are sending to your consignee in a different country because the worst thing that can happen to a business is that the goods that have been delivered to the consumer can be damaged , if the packaging and labeling is not as per standards. Hence merchants need a reliable shipping solutions that provides duties and tax options, online tracking, postage savings and the flexibility to choose the shipping service that meets their needs and still is able to turn a profit. Here are the top challenges of international shipping & quick tips on how to fix these.