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A Step by Step Guide on Importing Goods from China

The first name which comes to our mind when we think of countries to import from is unanimously China! It's hard to believe, but the fact is that the products which we use, right from the toothbrush to mobile phones are imported from China. Our lives are strongly controlled by the products with the label “Made in China” as we have been using them in our daily routine since quite a time. This drills down to the obvious question which hovers in our mind - Why China? What makes China a favorite destination for imports, is cheaper labor cost and adequate resources. This has made China one of the top countries in the manufacturing sector, which not only attracts sellers from India but also from different parts of the world. Importing goods from China seems like a tough job. Indeed it is! You will have to bear the hardship of currency, language, finding a genuine seller, transportation etc., but with proper planning and strategy, it can change your stars. With a drastic in