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6 Major Challenges of every eCommerce seller during the Covid period

The Covid-19 pandemic has put a lot of strain on e-Commerce Enterprises to meet the rising demand with a limited workforce, restricted operations, and rigorous safety procedures. Keeping up with the Government's ambiguous instructions and alerts, as well as suffering one of the worst pandemic in the history of mankind, has compelled e-Commerce brands to upgrade in specific ways. Top Challenges faced by eCommerce companies due to COVID: Limited Movement and Restricted Operations :      Due to the COVID-19 shutdown and curfew in force, one of the biggest hurdles that online marketplaces are facing is access to all delivery points.      S ome of the zones and locations may have restrictions, limiting movement in the era of a pandemic and disrupting   Logistics operations.       D elivery of essential products and services is possible only outside of containment zones. Many Carrier services have stopped their operations in certain areas which is having adverse effects on eCommerce

How to Create CSB-V Shipments?

Once your business starts growing and you decide to lock your eye into the international market there are number of provisions that are needed to be taken care for shipping successfully. There are many laws that govern the export of goods from India, that you might be unaware of during this phase. Knowing these laws and criteria is essential for anyone starting an international e-Commerce business . International trade has offered Indian SME's with an incredible opportunity to explore & tap the international market and take their business to a wider range of customers. However, when it comes to foreign trade, the primary issue, most of the sellers face is the Customs Clearance and other paperwork that's required for shipping. Customs Clearance One of the biggest concerns that shipper face is of Custom clearance. Clearing the product from customs is a very big hindrance if you do not have enough expertise and knowledge in International shipping . If you want to take advant