Shipping for eCommerce Sellers - Importance & Challenges

Ecommerce fulfilment is a distinct logistical area within the ecommerce industry. Data-driven and well-integrated into the end-to-end flow, this is a highly specialized business.

There was a past when the retailers used to directly source goods from suppliers and manufacturers. The products are distributed through eCommerce fulfilment distribution centers. Logistics includes lot of things like inventory management, warehousing, billing, packaging, labelling, shipping, COD, payment, product return & exchange, and many others.

Logistics is indispensable for the ecommerce industry. To be more specific, it’s better to claim that good logistic service is mandatory for the ecommerce operation. Ecommerce success depends on the logistics.

Shipping for eCommerce Sellers - Importance & Challenges

Some of the Challenges faced by eCommerce Logistics

  • Fulfilment of the last mile delivery
  •   Reducing Transportation Costs
  • Improving Supply Chain Visibility
  • Enhancing Customer Experience
  • Cash on delivery Service
  • Managing Returns and exchanges

What makes logistics an asset for a scalable ecommerce industry? Plenty brownie points are in possession of a good logistic service.

By delivering your product, the outbound logistic helps to draw the full circle of your ecommerce. Either you manufacture the product or arrange it from somewhere, display it through digital storefront, play some marketing tricks to engage your audience, get visitors to your website, who browse through the products and purchase.

Logistics takes the responsibility from there. It will collect the purchased product from the warehouse and head to the preferred destination of your customers with just one goal i.e to deliver the products on-time. Without logistics, it’s impossible to reach out to the customers, a thriving force of every ecommerce business.

  1. Often it kicks starts the ecommerce journey: 
It's not only about delivering your products to your consumers' doorsteps when it comes to logistics. Inbound logistics aid in the collection of materials or the assembly of essential commodities for the production of a product. Quick delivery of the raw materials is highly important here as it helps to start the operation. Now consider the cut-throat competition and you will understand how important is good logistic for any ecommerce business.

      2.  Collect love, trust and grow confidence:

The success of ecommerce is determined by the number of clients. The true challenge is making them happy. Once if they're satisfied, your brand engagement efforts and concerns fade away as your satisfied customers take on the task of promoting your products and services. Have you heard of "word-of-mouth" advertising? That is something that a good logistic service will take care of for you.

With on-time delivery, it will help you to meet your promises and earn the trust of customers. Whereas any glitch in service will throw you in grave danger. Once the customers start making bad remarks about your delivery service, you face the challenge of earning them back which sometimes is impossible.

Bottom line, happy customers are the asset of your online business. A sound and robust logistic service along with the quality product can give you scores of happy customers and a much-required boost to your business.

       3. Grow as you go the extra mile:

The magic of ecommerce is that there is no boundary of its expansion. A strong logistic service makes it feasible. And remember expansion is not always correlated with extending your region or going from local to cross-border. Today’s ecommerce grows as they reduce the time of delivering the product. Better logistic service makes it viable.

An awesome logistic service connects all the dots of a successful ecommerce venture. No wonder why it’s called the cog of the ecommerce wheel. Choose a better logistic service today, start your operation early, reach out to more customers and outplace your competitors. 

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