Your Complete Guide To Choosing The Right Shipping Partner

Gone are the days when shipping used to be a tedious task. Launching your e-commerce business needs a lot of forbearance and planning. The most crucial part is deciding on the best Shipping partner for your logistics. You surely are excited to get set go with the new launch but have inadequate knowledge about shipping carriers and logistics, need not worry cause after reading this you will obtain knowledge that is pivotal to getting started with shipping your orders.

Shipping Partner for your eCommerce Business

In order to become successful in your new business, your shipping strategies have to be reliable and this further can bestow trust in customers. For creating delightful customer experience,
eCourierz acts as a shipping solution for your ecommerce business offering plethora of services at a go. At just one click of a button you can choose from among wide range of carrier choices at best rates and the choice lies with you as to how many carriers you want to go ahead with. There are several factors which have to be kept in mind before choosing a shipping carrier and in this article; you will get a chance to be versed about it.

Now let’s get into the factors that have to be kept in mind while choosing a shipping carrier.


Customers these days are willing to pay a higher price just for getting their product delivered within a day or two. The most crucial thing here becomes to analyze whether your prospective customers are ready to pay you little higher or not. On the basis of this you can decide carrier options that are into delivering the package faster.


What if you want to give your customers best customers experience by adding an option of fast delivery? Your business should be equipped with all the shipping options whether it is delivering in 4 to 5 days or 14 to 15.

Not only that but delivering the package within a required time no matter how many orders come up is again of foremost importance. When a customer wants his package to be delivered fast and gets it, then the brand image is enhanced. Speed is important for online buyers.


Shipping software is useful since they help to simplify your supply chain and provides appropriate tools to analyze your business.

eCourierz help you to do smarter and simplified enterprise shipping. The modern smartly designed app makes it easy to manage ship and track on personalized dashboard thereby saving time from switching apps for tracking.

This optimization can help you to streamline your shipping experience and gain customer loyalty. Starting from sending shipments at best rates to tracking and sending delivery confirmation are all available a decision away.


You can always choose carriers who not only deliver domestically but also internationally. These days connectivity has also reached to far flung areas across the globe and you never know you might also have potential customers residing at far flung areas. eCourierz provides accessibility to more than 27000 pin codes across nation and provisions to ship 200+ countries internationally.


All the shipping carriers do not provide insurance protection for almost all the packages. But yes you need to understand the average total of every order placed with the merchant over a specified time period and the extent of your carrier’s insurance coverage. You might have to add extra capital in case your package exceeds the limit covered by your carrier.


In order to keep up with the customer expectations providing them with “track your order” option is very important in e-commerce industry. This helps to lessen the number of calls received from customers thereby keeping them updated throughout the journey. To a great extent, this can help build great customer experience thereby making shipping a plain sailing experience.        


As the business grows the need for automation also grows with that, your shipping solution must be advanced enough to provide you with API integrations and plugins of all short. With these you can take a step forward in Business Automation and save time.


Instant checking of rates can be very useful for shippers; eCourierz provides you with the simple rate calculator from which you check the rates of shipments at a go.

You can keep your dilemmas at bay and surf through features of eCourierz for faster and reliable e-commerce shipping. 

How eCourierz can be a shipping partner for your ecommerce business?

Choosing a best shipping partner for your ecommerce business is of paramount importance and is a key part of shipping strategy. Choosing one shipping carrier might not be helpful in every situation so choosing multiple carriers as per your business needs can help serve your purpose.

eCourierz is a smart yet simplified shipping solution for SMEs providing advanced and innovative multi- carrier library to shippers and helping them in reducing cost and time by Business automation. Acting as a complete ecommerce delivery solutions eCourierz allows you to grow and upscale your business easily

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