How Technology helps in increasing Shipping Accuracy?

Ecommerce businesses are flourishing like never before, this time with a boom in technology and due to this sudden blow of covid-19, more people have moved from traditional retail shopping to ordering and receiving their order at home. With increase in business opportunities comes greater challenges too like increase in customer expectations, rapid competition in the market etc.

Adapting is highly necessary in these times to cope up with rapid changing trends in this industry. Automation can help eCommerce businesses to assess and upgrade their business model to reduce both Cost and time.

Best Practices to Reduce your Shipping Cost:

  1. Ship with best rates

Rates differ significantly among different carriers depending upon weight of shipment, delivery distance, dimensions, etc. Carrier specific charges also differ according to demand and supply, calculating and keeping track of such rates is very difficult and time consuming for eCommerce sellers.

ECommerce sellers should get a hold of a third party logistics shipping solution from where they can easily access rates of different shipping carriers at the same time and select according to their ease of convenience.

     2. Reduce Returns with Shipping Accuracy

Returns are huge problems for every business prevailing whether they are retail or Ecommerce sellers, having access to multiple shipping carriers and their integrated tracking systems, sellers can reduce chances of returns.

With the help of automation and technology, sellers can avoid returns by communicating pin to pin information of their orders to buyers. Immediate actions can be taken when shipments are not delivered by either reattempting the delivery to the customer again or by retrieving the shipment carefully back to sellers warehouse.

      3. Bulk Shipping

With increase in scale of business number of orders also increases and manual processing of these orders will result in piling up and late deliveries. Bulk shipping allows you to book shipments automatically in large numbers. This not only saves time but also helps in timely delivery of the orders.

eCourierz allows eCommerce sellers to bulk ship their orders easily with advanced tools and technology easily.

     4. Business Integration

Business integration is a feature that allows eCommerce sellers to easily integrate their Sales Channel with their shipping platform. This allows them in easy data processing, faster shipments and reducing duration of shipping and labour intensive cost.

    5. Access to Automation

Apart from increase in efficiency and effectiveness of your business there are several areas where both cost and time can be saved by automation. Advanced analytical tools help you in assessing your business performance as well as predicting future course of action to grow.

Shipping Accuracy

Find the Right Technology for your Ecommerce Business

It is best practice to consider these three Shipping Factors and how can they be improved:

  • Shipping Options - What are the best carrier providers that are available and can fulfill your unique Business needs?
  • Shipping Time -  Are you able to deliver goods on the desired time? How can you ship faster?
  • Shipping Partner - Does your shipping partner helps your business to upscale? Do you access to best technology and cheapest rates?

eCourierz allows ecommerce sellers to easily onboard on automation process with expert assistance and advanced technology. With ease of access to more 24 plus carrier partners and access to 27000 + pin codes you can level up your eCommerce shipping with no additional cost. Our automation tools increases visibility in Order management.


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