How to Create CSB-V Shipments?

Once your business starts growing and you decide to lock your eye into the international market there are number of provisions that are needed to be taken care for shipping successfully. There are many laws that govern the export of goods from India, that you might be unaware of during this phase. Knowing these laws and criteria is essential for anyone starting an international e-Commerce business.

International trade has offered Indian SME's with an incredible opportunity to explore & tap the international market and take their business to a wider range of customers. However, when it comes to foreign trade, the primary issue, most of the sellers face is the Customs Clearance and other paperwork that's required for shipping.

Customs Clearance

One of the biggest concerns that shipper face is of Custom clearance. Clearing the product from customs is a very big hindrance if you do not have enough expertise and knowledge in International shipping.

If you want to take advantage of the global market, you should be aware of the CSB-V of all the other things, which not only facilitates easy customs clearance but also offers tax benefits.

What is CSB-V?

CSB-V stands for Custom Shipping Bill 5. It is an amendment done by Custom Board of Indirect Taxes & Customs (CBIC) to CSB 2. According to new notification issued by CBIC in Aug 2018, commercial shipments which are worth less than INR 5,00,000 can be sent through courier mode with the help of CSB-V shipping bill. Furthermore, shippers will now be able to obtain GST returns, which was previously not possible with CSB 2.

CSB V Shipping

Key Benefits of CSB 5 :-

Quick and effortless custom clearance –

CSB-V ensures uninterrupted, hassle free custom experience for the shippers exporting their goods and electronic data transfer helps in custom clearance in a day or two.

GST Compliance –

Shippers can avail GST returns now by providing your Shipment details to shipping department. CSB V mandates provision of GST details, IEC & HSN code.

Less Paperwork –

CSB-V can be availed by minimum paperwork using Shipping AWB and Invoice; this will eventually result in saving lot of time for shippers.

MEIS Claim –

MEIS stands for Merchandise export from India Scheme, Shipments going under CSB-V can avail this claim if they fall under these eligible categories: -

  • Shipments of value under INR 5,00,000 and involving transaction under foreign exchange.
  •         If the product falls in any of these 6 categories – Handicraft, Handloom, Books/Periodicals, Leather Footwear, Toys, Customized fashion garments

Mandatory documents to ship CSB shipments –

  • GST
  • IEC
  • HSN code
  • AD code
How to create CSB 5 Shipments using eCourierz?

  •          If you have not signed up, visit our website and register by clicking on sign up button without any initial set up fee

  •         Recharge your wallet for Rs999 and get extra shipping credit of Rs 201 
  •         Compare and check courier services for your desired location to book a CSB V shipment on your eCourierz dashboard
  •         Book your pickup with a preferable courier service by filling up all the necessary details
  •         Our Shipping experts will collect all information of your shipment Data will be transmitted to airport terminal for custom clearance on CSB V mode by eCourierz 
  •         Shipment will be picked up from your door by pickup agent of courier service
  •         Shipment will be custom cleared and delivered to destination
  •         Shipping bill details will be shared with you after successful delivery, using which you can avail GST returns
eCourierz allows you to ship to 220+ countries with ease, our shipping experts make sure to assist you in international shipments for better understanding and business opportunities.

      Here is a sample DHL label generated as per CSB-V standard.

Final word: eCourierz is one of the best online logistics partners in India providing ecommerce businesses with multi carrier shipping solution to help scale up your business on both domestic and international level.  For more information on creating CSB-V shipments please contact our support team. 


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