Have a parcel to send immediately ? Choose Priority Overnight.

In our every day's busy schedule, we need things to be done at a lightning speed no matter it’s a business or personal work.

Has it occurred to you before wherein you wanted to send a document/parcel overnight to a consignee in another city/country and you are not aware of how to send it? Who can deliver it quickly?

Sometimes sending even the smallest of the business document, medical prescription or application to university, by the next morning might look like heap of difficulties. Personal or official, when there is a need to send parcels immediately, you cannot rely on the standard services as it consumes lot of time you can instead opt for express service which gets your parcel delivered the next working day.

We live in an age where time is equivalent to money. Thus, it is imperative to ensure that every business fulfills the needs of the customers timely or at a quicker rate in order to build a positive aura for the brand as well as to attain the customer loyalty. Delivering the products to the customers in a shorter span of time makes your business to reach higher perks in a blink of an eye else, you will be left behind in the crowd.

You can either book express service through an online website or over a call but ensure that you book before the cutoff time. When you book it online, a label will be generated which has to be affixed on the parcel and given to the customer at the time of pickup. You can monitor the movement of your parcel with the help of tracking number.

Some of the courier companies do not pick up the parcels on Sunday unless the parcels are below a certain weight and depending on the location of the pickup. The delivery date of any parcel booked through priority services varies with different carriers. Some of the old and reliable carriers take responsibility of delivering the parcel to the customer on next morning, whereas other carriers may deliver it before the dark.

The shipping charges of Express or Priority services are expensive than the regular service.If you are edgy on the money involved, then it is appropriate for you to choose surface mode rather than airway if the destination location is nearby. This will taper the cost to a feasible amount. One of the key advantages of choosing the Express services is that the package will reach the destination through a direct means of transport with less number of warehouse & change of hands thereby reducing the chances of the parcel getting damaged or lost and minimizing the probability of buying insurance.

Why should you think twice before booking an express services?

1. Even though you have sent your parcel through a express service, there are uncertainties of it not getting delivered on the next day in exceptional circumstances.
2. Some of the carriers do not furnish priority services to many of the international destinations pin codes which are far to reach out.
3. Express services are little expensive in contrast to the standard courier services.
4. Since the parcel is sent at night, customer support can be an impediment.

You can ship your parcels in express service and have a peace of mind as your parcel will be in your consignee's hands in the morning. Reach out to logistics companies such as eCourierz, who provide the best services at a reasonable price and help you to build a strong relationship with your customers by providing on-time and safer delivery of the products.


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