How to track the shipment ?

The tremendous competition in the e-commerce industry makes every seller obligatory to strive for on-time delivery without any perturbation. Customers churn rate increases if quality service is not furnished resulting in customers moving to other brands. A delay, damaged or missing parcel can cost a lot to the seller. Hence it is imperative to partner with a reliable courier partner who can offer real-time tracking of your shipment so that you can keep your customers notified on the arrival of the product.

Before diving into how to track your courier online and its advantages, let's quickly unwrap how courier tracking process works. Tracking status is fundamentally utilized to track the shipment's real-time location and to estimate its delivery date. Each and every point of the stop which the shipment confronts is reported i.e. from Picked up, In-transit, Shipped, On-hold to Delivered which may vary from company to company.

Once you book order through any courier company, pick up person will scan the barcode attached to the parcel - before loading it to the vehicle, after reaching the warehouse and once it is delivered to the consignee. When the barcode is scanned all the information associated to the parcel gets recorded in the system which automatically gets updated to the sender as well, hence you can track the periodical progress of your shipment in real time.

Apart from tracking the movement of the parcel, some of the other noteworthy advantages of tracking courier are:

1. With tracking status, it is easy to know if the shipment is held in customs or if any issue has raised while the movement of the shipment.
2. It can be helpful in evaluating the delivery date of the shipment. Hence you can inform in advance to the customers on the delay so that you don't lose their trust.
3. In case of missing parcel, courier tracking plays a critical role as the package is scanned on every movement i.e. either between different vehicle or from vehicle to warehouse which makes it easy to find the parcel as you know the last point of check-in.
4. Tracking number can be used to identify the person who received the parcel in case of disputes involved in shipment delivery as it contains entire details of the shipment i.e. Received by, Shipped by, Weight, Dimension, Time of Delivery etc,
5. Since you get a real-time update of the shipment you can be stress-free and think on other aspects of the business.

If in case the consignee rejects the parcel at the time of delivery, then the parcel will be returned to the shipper with a new tracking number which will be updated in the tracking status by the respective carrier through which you are shipping.

You can track your shipment through eCourierz website in two ways:
Procedure 1:
Step 1:Visit eCourierz website and click on the “Tracking” option in the main menu.

Step 2: Enter the tracking number given by the respective carrier in the field and click on “Track” button.

Step 3: Click on the respective carrier through which you are shipping

Step 4: Real time status of your parcel will be displayed with date and time. Status update format may vary for different carries.

Procedure 2:
Step 1: Login to your eshipz account.

Step 2: Click on the “Dashboard” option in the Main menu.
Step 3: Click on the “AWB Number” to obtain the tracking information.

Step 4: Detailed information of your shipment status will be displayed.

Apart from checking your shipment tracking status in eCourierz website, you can also track it in the carrier’s tracking page with whom you are shipping.

Below are few of the eCourierz major courier partners along with the links to track shipment.



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