Measures To Reduce COD Failures And Returns

The demand for eCommerce business has given rise to many online businesses. Due to huge competition, eCommerce sector has turned into a battlefield where companies are coming up with new ideas and strategies to entice the customers to purchase their products.

Are you a startup? Do you have an eCommerce store? Are you thinking of incorporating different payment modes such as COD for your customers? Hold on!

Some people tend to abuse COD. They might randomly order high-priced products and simply reject it when delivered.

COD is definitely a very smart way of channeling your customers to the sales funnel. But one of the main drawbacks of COD is returns, which doubles the shipping charge for the E-seller. Hence COD could be a little insecure when it comes to payment options.

However, we cannot deny the fact that COD is an effortless way to earn a wide range of customers. For instance, in India people prefer to see products physically before paying for it and few of the customers may not have online banking options, in such cases having COD options can help you to scale up your business.

It is not that you have to completely ignore COD; you just have to take few precautionary measures and consider few things before offering COD option which can save you from the burden of shipping cost. Here are some of the effective measures which can decrease the COD failure and returns.

1. Provide a clear description of the product along with good amount of real-time image of the product with options to zoom, so that you are giving a clear picture of the product to the customers, which will help them to take a firm decision on the purchase.

2. Avail COD options to the customers who have already used your products.

3. Limit COD option to a certain category of products.

4. If you have a team for providing customer support, then you can confirm the order submission by calling the COD customer and informing them about the product ordered, its price and date and time of delivery.

5. Provide offers for products booked online so that more people choose to use online payments than COD.

6. Make sure you choose a reputed logistics provider to deliver your product and the delivery person carries the proper denominations so that product is not rejected due to unavailability of change. You can use eCourierz to book courier service.

7. Take feedback and reviews from the customers, you never know the exact reason behind the returns, listening to the customers can be helpful to correct the missing connection.

In order to escalate your online business, it is necessary to be in pace with the competitors. COD is undoubtedly one of the prime strategies for better sales, just go ahead with all the precautions in mind. Do not hesitate to adopt new trends in the industry which can help your business growth. But make sure you handle it strategically and give the best to your customers.


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