Why do Courier Pickup Person Refuse to Collect the Package?

The logistics industry has undergone a lot of changes since a decade. Major reason being, flourishment of E-commerce industry and adoption of new technology in logistics. With the touch of technology, logistics has considerably digitized, except some portions where human intervenience is necessary. Websites like ecourierz.com make it easy for customers to ship anytime, anywhere.

Even with these constructive augmentations, sometimes lag/complication might happen in the process. Even if you are a persistent shipper, sometimes you might have encountered a state where courier pickup person has arrived to collect the package but he refuses to collect the parcel giving some reasons. There might be different reasons behind it, let us consider few of the scenarios to understand better.

1. Improper Package
Proper packaging of the item is very crucial in shipping. If you have packed the item with low-quality packaging material or if you have a liquid item to ship and pickup person feels that package may leak then usually he refuses to collect it as improper packaging can lead to damage of the package and can damage other packages as well, in the carrier which in turn results in  loss for the customers and also creates negative image for the company.

2. Insufficient Documents
Documents submission is mandatory while shipping. Documents such as invoice, forms, KYC documents etc.., have to be compulsorily submitted when the pickup person of the courier service you have opted comes to collect the package.  If in case you have missed submitting any of the documents, then your package will be refused to ship.

3. Shipping Restricted Items
Certain items are forbidden while shipping, such as inflammable items, currency, gold coins etc., If the item which you wish to ship comes under any of the restricted items lists then the pickup person does not accept your package.

4. Label not affixed to the package
Once you book a courier with portals like ecourierz, the shipping label will be generated which has to be pasted on the package to be shipped. If you have not affixed shipping label on your package or if the label printed is of low quality that scanner cannot detect then the courier will not be eligible to ship hence will be not be collected.

5.Mismatched Number of Packages
While booking any courier service, you will have to mention the dimensions, weight, and a number of packages to be shipped. Let's take a situation where your courier partner has booked a pickup today and later you get to know that you have 5 more packages to be shipped and you book through the same courier service but the pickup gets scheduled tomorrow. When the pickup person comes to collect the first parcel, you might tell him to take the other 5 package along with the first package. In such cases courier pick up person refuses to collect it, as he has to get instruction from the company to collect it.

You can avoid rejection of collecting the package by having all documents ready during the pickup, with properly packed legal goods with shipping label affixed on the package and by producing the correct number of packages during the pickup. If in case pickup person rejects to collect the parcel due to a specific reason then you can correct the package and request to reschedule the pickup, which might happen in the next day or any other working days.


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