What is Amazon FBA and How does it work ?

The popularity of online shopping has made many bricks and mortar companies to go online. Having an online store is not an easy business. With many well-established E-Commerce companies already deepened their roots in the market, it is obligatory for small business to impart timely order fulfillment. To hasten your business growth it is always preferable to sell your products in a formerly flourished company like Amazon, as their prodigious customer base can uplift your business overnight. Generally, all small business stumble upon in warehousing, logistics, and fulfillment. Fulfillment by Amazon enables storing, packing your parcel and also delivering it to your customers. This entitles Small business owners to focus on expanding their business rather than other aspects of fulfillment. Let us understand what does Amazon FBA offers and advantages of it.

Interpreting Amazon FBA
You can anytime sell your products on Amazon. If you are a small business owner and you don't have a repository to store your products nor workforce to handle it and not able to manage order fulfillment then, Amazon FBA is apt for you. Fulfillment by Amazon is a program where you will have to register as a seller and create products list in Amazon catalog by either adding a product or Flat file feeds (bulk upload) or through Amazon API integrated with your company's software. Rest of the work is done by Amazon, i.e., Amazon will store your product in their warehouse and if any of your customers place an order, they will pick the package and pack it and deliver it to the customers. They also provide tracking facility for customers. Amazon manages refund, return management, customer service, one day or free delivery and also COD. Management system enables you to track orders and manage inventory with Amazon. This helps entrepreneurs to concentrate more on building strategies to attract customers as rest of the work is done by Amazon FBA.

How will Amazon FBA scale up my business?
Amazon FBA simplifies your entire fulfillment process as it will store, pack and deliver the orders to customers. Here are some of the major benefits of Amazon FBA.

1. Amazon will handle the customer service and return management on behalf of you.
2. Since Amazon FBA looks after the entire process till placing the parcel in customer’s hand, the seller can concentrate on strategies to scale up their business rather than last mile delivery.
3. Amazon FBA does not impose any limitation on inventory for you to store the products, hence you can ship seamlessly.
4. Sellers can use their products in Amazon fulfillment center to do Multi-Channel fulfillment.
5. Once you list your product on Amazon FBA, your products are qualified for Amazon Prime free shipping which enables to give free 2 days shipping of your products to your prime customers.
6. Save time and money in packaging the parcel, as Amazon will make sure it reaches the customer in good condition.
7. Products of sellers enrolled in Amazon FBA program will be higher up in the buy box, resulting in higher visibility and higher chances of a sale.

How can eCourierz.com help you in shipping package to Amazon warehouse?
If you are edgy about shipping your package to Amazon FBA then relax, because eCourierz will ship it to you. Once you register as a seller and uploaded items to be fulfilled by Amazon FBA you can log in to the eCourierz website and schedule a free pick up. We have service providers who can pick up packed products from your store and deliver to Amazon’s fulfillment centers. Certain documents have to be submitted to the pickup person based on Domestic or International shipping. These service providers will also take appointments at Fulfillment Centers on your behalf.

You can ship your products to Domestic & International Amazon Fulfillment Centers through eCourierz.com. We currently are operating in fulfillment centers across several states like Maharashtra, Karnataka, New Delhi, Haryana, Telangana and West Bengal. International fulfillment centers include USA, Canada & Europe with much more competitive rates.

We also provide shipment tracking ID to check shipment status and notify you of timely updates online. We have a team of experienced people who will be able to assist you and handle all your queries with regards to Amazon FBA Shipping.

For new or small retail business, utilizing marketplace like Amazon is vital to widen your customer reach, thereby uplifting your business revenue. If you want to concentrate on the growth of your business and also give customer world class service then go for Fulfillment by Amazon as they manage the entire process from packaging till delivery. Shipping to Amazon FBA is also simplified by eCourierz, through which you can ship packages to fulfillment centers.


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