Why does the Logistics Sector need to buy GST enable ERP system?

The revolutionary Goods and Service Tax (GST) has welcomed drastic changes in logistics and transport system.  It’s high time that the logistic service providers should evolve themselves to keep pace with the new change.

GST as experts are pointing out is a welcome move for the businessmen, manufacturer, service providers as the tax will be one time and there will be less bureaucratic paper-work. However, to grab the benefits one must be systematic operation. The need of the hour is automation and a procedure to complete the entire transportation process without a hassle. This specific task is only possible with the GST to enable ERP system.

Why would it be so beneficial for the logistics industry? Let’s find out-

GST enable ERP will document everything:
Under the GST tax system, all the documents of your business pertaining to payments, registrations, refunds and returns would go digital. Here, the logistics service providers must adapt to the new procedure of e-filing for GST tax compliance.

Here, the GST enable ERP will automate the process of documentation and make the entire process hassle-free.

GST enable ERP will help in the core operation:
The advanced GST enable ERP will also be an able arm to manage the tedious inventory and supply management functions. As they make everything documented and bring automation, the complex inventory management, and supply chain process become easy to operate and track.

Keeping a record of the customers:
The most important task of the logistics service provider is to keep records of the customer. This is where logistic plays a pivotal role in e-commerce. Good customers play the role of your advertisers and campaigners.  

With the new GST enable ERP system, one can maintain the customer records brilliantly. It will also help the service providers to follow up with the customer for payments and consignment details.

Customer details documentation will augment multifold opportunities. It will help the e-commerce ventures to go for auto-mailing and other promotional activities.This is also beneficial for the customer support team.

Everything under one roof:
Shipping and logistics industry prospers when they manage to roll the ball like a well-oiled machine. However, keeping an eye on the entire process from the procurement to delivery is not an easy task.

As the GST enable ERP system keeps a tab on the entire process with proper documentation, now the pain will be less.  It will not only keep a record but comes up with the report on the procurement to disbursement. The data on the asset, cost of the asset, Depreciation of asset, disbursement cost of the asset will help the service providers immensely to operate their business without any hassle.

GST is not a challenge for business. It has been introduced to help the business. One just needs to introduce more structure to run everything smoothly. With an introduction of a GST enable ERP system, one can easily overcome the challenge and do the needful.


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