Different Career Opportunities In Logistic And Shipping Industry

A career in logistics has emerged as one of the most lucrative options in recent time. The growth of e-commerce, the birth of startups and the expansion of the market is demanding more and more logistic service providers and shipping management companies.

So, what are the potential career options in logistics and shipping industry? Here is a list for you-

They are the first pillar of the logistics industry.
Their primary job is to gather and analyzing data to look for problems. One who has good math and computer skills often flourish in this position. Besides that being a team member and the right attitude to thrive in a team setting is also an important skill that one analyst is often required.

Logistics Engineer
The next crucial job in the logistics industry is of “Logistic Engineer”. They evaluate the supply chain and logistics systems for trends or problems with their prowess in computer and mathematics.

The basic difference between the analyst and the logistic engineer is the analyst finds out the problem and the engineer come up with the solutions. Often the self-pilot the entire project as well by figuring out the problem and suggestions as well as resolving the matter.

This is a pivotal job as they work with the clients. After meeting and discussing with them, they have to offer a right solution for a specific problem. To manage their tasks, they need to often mater management skill as well as both the analytical and technical solution. Their primary role is to ensure a good relationship with the clients and make them understand about the basic supply-chain process and providing a good solution.

Customer Service
The customer-service individual in any logistic and shipping industry is a lifeline for the entire system. They can work as a sales team or manage existing clients or they can act as a bridge between the clients and the rest of the logistics team. They need to understand the basic and the advanced technicalities of the logistics industry as well as they must learn how to pay heed to the customers’ woes and worries and win their hearts.

Inventory Manager
They kick off the process of delivery. An inventory manager in a logistic company oversees the accumulation of resources and material goods.

Their primary goal is to identify the problem with the inventory and implement a solution by managing data. They are also assigned to optimize order and distribution schedules. They must have experience in logistics and import/ export.

Supply-Chain Manager
They oversee the entire supply chain (including purchasing, warehousing, inventory, and production) process. They are also assigned to streamline the system in order to reduce cost and optimize productivity.

They must have an understanding of logistic planning as well as international shipping and should possess the skills of communication, collaboration, and management.

Logistic and shipping industry is growing by leaps and bounds. It results in tons of new jobs with shining future before.


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