Why it is Critical for Hyperlocal and Ecommerce Companies in India to get Last Mile Delivery Right?

Last mile delivery is the final stage of the logistics. For all e-commerce ventures, the last mile delivery is the conclusion of the customers’ journey which started as soon as the customer shopped preferred product from the digital storefront. This is what makes the last mile delivery a pivotal part of e-commerce. Out of all e-commerce ventures, the hyper local emerges as the one who depends completely over the last mile delivery.

Why last mile delivery is so critical for hyperlocal?  And why the developing e-commerce eco-system in India badly needs to make it happen?

Find the reasons below-

Faster Delivery:  
The concept of hyper local was originated to provide faster delivery. For better performance and catering more audience, the e-commerce players shift their focus from intracity and international delivery model and kick off the hyperlocal process with all the required local infrastructure. The shift was needed and when executed resolves the delivery process.

Picture how Amazon is changing the entire e-commerce game rule with one or two day delivery for their Prime members. This is the last-mile delivery per excellence.

For emerging Indian e-commerce players this is a learning curve. To get more audience at their initial stage, they can start with hyperlocal model concentrating on the faster and better delivery. More they start delivering the product quickly and frequently, better they have the chances of collecting love for their brand.

Quick product manufacturing:
For the Indian B2B e-commerce, last mile delivery is the decider and game-changer. The market is open and yet to be controlled by one single player. Those who are emerging they can grab their position quickly once they start focusing on the right logistic model.

What impetus can last-mile delivery add here?

Better inbound logistics mechanism:
If there is a demand of capitalizing the market and if there is a demand for raw materials for product manufacturing, the last-mile delivery can bring a lot of advantages on the table.

Earn Customers’ love:
Going hyperlocal, the e-commerce ventures do not have any other option but to ensure the best delivery system. As the set up is completely local, the expectation from the customer will be to experience the faster delivery of the products without a miss.

A sound last-mile delivery ensures that. Once the expectations are not met, the frustrated customers can turn the table and with negative feedback bring serious demand to the company’s reputation.

Emerging Indian e-commerce players should take this into consideration while trying to find a place in a competitive market against the international juggernauts. If they can mold themselves around the hyper-local concept with a robust logistic service, there will be no stopping of them.

The best thing about Indian e-commerce is there is no monopoly yet and anyone can have a breakthrough here. Hyperlocal adds so many factors here. Though one must have a good logistic service provider in their kitty before making any blueprint.  


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