Fastest way to ship your parcels to Middle East !

Ecourierz is the simplest and easiest way to send your documents and parcels worldwide, and this has led us to become India’s best, cheapest and fastest courier service. We have years of experience when it comes to shipping goods to the Middle East. With the best rates in the country and the most technologically advanced courier solution, your worries of shipping goods to the Middle East end here.

About the Middle East:
The Middle East covers a lot of countries, not just the Arab countries. These include parts of North Africa and timezones covered are usually between GMT +2:00/+3:00. The Middle East is rich in oil and gas, and the industry there is now booming in areas like information technology, engineering, construction and the pharmaceutical sectors. The volumes of shipments are increasing day by day leading to tough competition over pricing in the courier sector there. We comply with all rules and regulation of the Middle East and have partners like Aramex, flyking etc to assist us in providing the fastest way to ship for you. Here’s a compiled list of all the countries that we cover:

·         Bahrein                                    
·         Iraq
·         Iran
·         Israel
·         Jordan
·         Lebanon
·         Kuwait
·         Oman
·         Palestine
·         Qatar
·         Saudi Arabia
·         Syria
·         United Arab Emirates
·         Yemen
·         Cyprus
·         Egypt
·         Turkey
·         Kurdistan

Middle Eastern countries have strict laws, and thus we’ve compiled a list of products that are prohibited from shipping:

·         Antiques
·         Alcohol
·         Hazardous goods
·         Firearms of all types
·         Furs
·         Blank invoices
·         Gambling games/items
·         Jewellery
·         Passports
·         Metals

Consumers in the Middle East and North African countries are buying from overseas more than ever now, thus you need the fastest shipping solution provider who can make the process much simpler to you. We are committed to providing the best service anywhere in the world and offer a plethora of easy to use online tools. We work with businesses of all sizes but never is our promise to ship the fastest and safest compromised. Here are some formalities required to ship to the Middle East:

  • Products dispatched from or sent to the Middle East must bear a valid invoice allowing customs to clear the goods.
  • Suitable packaging must be provided for fragile goods.
  • All parcel details must be provided in depth during booking process with us 

Book with us online and witness the fastest shipping process in India at the lowest rates.
Happy Shipping!


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