eCourierz - How to Ship Anything that is Fragile ?

How to ship fragile item ? 

Shipping isn’t normally taken into consideration to be one of the most exciting elements from an ecommerce business perspective. To get fragile objects for delivery can be particularly burdensome. however ,there are a few matters you can do to make sure the secure delivery of your fragile merchandise. Here are a few pointers for transport fragile gadgets for your enterprise.

Few tips when you ship fragile items : -

1. Always check for order size and packaging
Right Size vs Oversized Box for shipping
The  vessel which you use to house your fragile items is one of the most important method to be protected during shipping, actual containers/boxes as opposed to envelopes or mailers could be most excellent when it comes to shipping merchandise that could probably break. however you’ll also need to ensure that you purchase boxes which might be the right length to your products. preferably, you’ll need to pick bigger boxes which might be a right fit to protecting wrapping round your product. The boxes should also not be that bigger that a lot of space is being wasted which then adds on to your cost.

2. The more the Wrapping Material the better
Wrapping material for delicate products
Always make sure you check the wrapping material when used to wrap around delicate products. If you have a bigger product, the wrapper material will just not be sufficient enough, We must have sufficient packing materials so that it acts as a spongy cover to the product protecting it from any wear and tear.

3. Is your wrapping material strong?
Use Strong packaging material
What if your products are thrown around? Did you even think about natural calamities like excess rain, floods etc. Plastic Bags or shrink wraps can be great in these kind of circumstances to prevent any moisture or any harmful elements from getting inside your products. It’s also very important to use packaging tape or any other secure packaging material to keep wrappings in place until it reaches destination. The more the distance the greater the chance of mishandling or chances to be dropped. Always add an extra layer of wrapper to your products just to make sure they remain secure throughout the entire journey

4. Never wrap items tightly
If you are shipping a glassware or an antique product, wrapping items tightly could only break it. The best way would be to wrap your materials in a secure but loose manner. You can always change specifics  based on the size and style of the product, but always never apply tension on items when you wrap them. Make sure you have sealed the box closed, Always use high quality packing tape and cover all potential openings on all sides of the box to avoid any opening of your packages.

5. Label your materials
Label or mention on your product - Fragile
There are literally tons of products that are being shipped everyday, those people involved in handling packages every day will have no clue as to know whether your products are fragile or not. If you take enough care to make sure you label and mention your products are fragile, it will help those involved to take extra care while handling packages.

6. Never ever miss an INSURANCE!
If your shipping fragile items are very valuable or irreplaceable, you must always have an insurance in place, if something unfortunate happens during shipping.


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