Can Courier Service Be Used To Send Luggage?

Affordable rates and lesser journey time have made travel way easier. Whether it is official or personal, people keep traveling from cities to cities or countries for a better opportunity, vacation, official trip, higher studies etc. Reasons may be many, but one of the main pain points of traveling to other cities/countries is the luggage. You might be traveling by air, bus or rail, but you can carry only a limited amount of luggage with you.

Let’s assume that you are moving to another city by air for your own reasons and you have a pile of luggage to carry with you & another plane to change. If your baggage weight exceeds the weight limit set by the airlines, then extra fees will be charged by the airlines which might sometime be way higher than the amount which you paid for the air tickets. In order to change another flight, imagine the time spent in waiting for the luggage to arrive.

These hefty fees can be avoided by sending your luggage through a reliable courier service. All you need to do is to pack all your stuff safely with packaging materials and schedule a pickup. The courier service provider will pick up the luggage from your place and safely move it your destination.

Some of the noteworthy advantages of sending luggage through courier are:
  • No matter what size your luggage is, it can be couriered effortlessly.
  • Easy online booking and economical rates.
  • Enjoy your journey as the luggage will be picked and dropped to your doorsteps.
  • Lesser transit time depending on the destination location.
  • You don’t have to worry about the luggage getting missed or damaged as you can insure it.
  • Track your luggage sitting anywhere.
  • Majority of the destinations worldwide are covered.
  • Customer support to answer all your queries.
  • Some courier services offer a free packing facility for your baggage.
  • Option to choose from the delivery type: Overnight, next day or normal delivery.
Sending luggage through courier can be advantageous while you are traveling to a destination which you are not familiar with, as you don’t have to break your head in shifting your luggage from the airport to your home. Since there is no weight limit on the luggage sent through courier, heavyweight items such as the bicycle, fridge, washing machine, TV, furniture etc., can be easily shipped. The only thing to do while shipping heavy items is to dismantle it to the smallest possible size and pack it intact.
Handling excess baggage is a common stumbling block which all travelers face. Sending luggage through courier is the best alternative for sending luggage and will definitely save you from the long line of baggage checking, the time taken to search for your luggage in the airport along with saving your money. eCourierz can help you in shipping your luggage to any destination in India. Send your luggage through courier to put aside all your worries on the luggage. Enjoy your journey and walk straight to your home from the airport as your luggage will be safely sent to your doorsteps.


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