Mistakes Receiver Do While Receiving A Parcel

There are certain common mistakes which every person (who is entitled to receive the parcel) do. Being the receiver, you have to ensure that you are following a certain common procedure to receive the parcel that is entitled to you and if not, avoid committing the mistake which could cost you much more than you have imagined it to be. 

Here are some of the mistakes receiver do when parcel arrives to their doorstep -

1. Not checking the information on package / Keeping the wrong parcel
This happens quite a number of times. There are chances of misdelivery if you don’t check the information on package properly before signing the POD. There is no harm in reviewing the name and address that you have incorporated for the delivery of the parcel.  There are at times when you might end up receiving the wrong item that you didn't order for. Also, it is illegal to keep someone else's courier. Not only you are committing the biggest mistake but also creating a problem for the person who is supposed to receive the parcel, the sender as well as the courier company. 
Review the name and address mentioned on the parcel before receiving it. If you keep the wrong parcel, it is your responsibility to get in touch with the courier company to return the parcel or request to return to sender. While returning to the sender, mention on the envelope of the parcel in bold, "Return to sender" followed by "wrong address".  This will further help all the other people in the chain to recognize the issue and deliver it back to the sender.

2. Accepting damaged product
One of the most common and biggest mistakes receivers do is, while receiving the parcel they do not review through the packaging or the item inside the package. There are at times when you might end up with the damaged product or receive the unsealed item that you didn't order for. If you do not check the condition of the parcel and when you try to contact the shipping partner or the courier service without mentioning them the issues beforehand, they might not tend to collect it back.

3. Not signing Proof Of Delivery
The proof of delivery is what recipient sign when receiving a parcel in good condition. It can be a paper or in electronic form. A lot of people sign the pod before inspecting the package and many just ignore the importance of the POD. This is a huge mistake. By signing it, the recipient confirms that the delivery has been completed successfully, without any problem. The pod usually contains the time and date of delivery, the name of the recipient and his/her signature.

4. Receiver refused delivery
People while placing the order, they choose COD as a payment option and later they decide to cancel the order but few e-commerce sites don’t give an option to cancel the order once the order is dispatched. In that case, the receiver refuses to receive the parcel which is the biggest mistake. Doing so, you are wasting resources of the courier company for no reason. In case, if you have changed your mind about the product which you have ordered, just wait for delivery, receive the parcel, then place a return request on e-commerce site.  

5. Absence of receiver when the delivery is scheduled
There are at times, where due to your absence, a delivery person fails to deliver your parcel. In that case, they will conduct a second attempt, post getting in touch with you. Also, the maximum delivery attempt made by the shipping service provider is 3. If during that time, you are not physically present, there are higher chances of your parcel to be sent back or courier company may refuse delivery. In that case,you will have to visit the courier office to get your parcel before they initiate the parcel for Return.
Losing money or visiting the courier office is not only a time-consuming process but also quite an expensive procedure to get your parcel.  To avoid such issues, it is always better to garner the information regarding the parcel delivery or opt someone trustworthy to receive the parcel on your behalf.

Bottom Line: Before committing the biggest mistakes, it is always better to be a little careful to avoid any hassle or stress while acknowledging the parcel. Always check your parcel, the name, and address before accepting it. Don’t forget to sign the proof of delivery, Please be available at your place when your delivery is scheduled.


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