E-way bill : Everything You Must Know About It.

If you are a seller who is planning to expand your business across India, then make sure you have enough knowledge beforehand on E-waybill, in order to avoid complications during the shipment movement. No matter what size your business is, or in which part of the country you are, E-waybill is a compulsory document in sending parcel interstate or intrastate in India.

Being well prepared for the taxes, rules, and regulations involved while transporting goods makes the flow of your business undisturbed. Else it adversely affects your business as shipment will be liable for seizure and further movement of the shipment will not be possible if E waybill is not submitted. This article will give you a precise picture on E waybills. so let’s take a closer look on what exactly is an E waybill.

E waybill is an acronym of Electronic Waybill. It is a replacement of waybills from the vat regime. E waybill is generated  electronically for interstate or intrastate movement of parcels whose value is above 50 000 inr or for the consolidated value of the shipment above 50 000 inr under gst.

When an e waybill is produced a distinctive E waybill number (EBN) is assigned and is accessible to the seller, consignee and the transporter. E waybill has been made compulsory from 1st of april 2018 nationwide in india. E waybill has to be generated before the outset of the goods from its source. Note that one e waybill has to be generated against each invoice.

Screenshot E - Way Bill 

Let’s go over some of the key questions which are common on e waybill for a first-time seller:

Who can register E waybill ?
1. Using gstin registered gst tax payers can register in the e waybill portal.
2. With PAN and AADHAR card unregistered persons/ transporters can enroll in the e-way bill portal.

How to generate the E way bill ?
You can generate e waybill through the
1. Online portal https://ewaybillgst.gov.in/
2. Android app
3. Through registered mobile number by sms.
4. For a bulk generation using excel-based uploads.

In the form GST EWB-01 Part A you have to provide all the information asked and part  B consists of information on vehicle number.

What is the validity of E waybill ?
Effectiveness of  the e waybill starts from the time bill is generated and depends on the distance covered by the goods. Generally, for the goods traveling a distance up to 100 km, the e waybill validity is one day. For every additional 100 km after it, one-day additional validity is given.

What are the major documents required to generate E waybill ?
Some of the major documents required while filling E waybill is:
1. Invoice/ delivery challan/ bill of supply of corresponding goods.
2. For surface transport - Transporter id or Vehicle number.
3. For Transport through the air, rail or ship  - Id of transporter, the document number of transport and documents date.

How many E waybills are required to ship multiple consignments in a single vehicle ?
This situation is referred as “Transshipping”. when you are shipping multiple consignments in a single vehicle then you will have to generate an amalgamated E waybill which will have serial numbers for each consignment.

Can I cancel E waybill ?
Yes, E waybill can be canceled by the registered person within 24 hours.

What happens if the shipment is moved from one vehicle to another in the course of transit ?
The transporter has to update the details in the e waybill in form gst ewb 01 before the shipment is moved to the new vehicle.

Note: E waybill is not required if you are transporting the goods to a destination which is within 10 km.

The bottom line:
E waybill is an anti-tax evasion measure. Since it is compulsory from april 2018 most of the courier companies request for E waybill during the pickup of the package if you don’t provide it they may not pick up your package. Hence make sure you have e waybill beforehand so that you avoid complications during shipping.

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