How Last-Mile & First-Mile Delivery Startups Will Revolutionize The Logistic Ecosystem?

To keep pace with the rapid growth of e-commerce, the logistic mechanism is seeking disruption. The modern-day e-commerce evolution has successfully lured the customers to visit, browse, shop and alter their previous shopping behavior. But to complete their entire buying journey hassle-free, the e-commerce eco-system must be complemented by robust and quick logistic support.

Question is, can the logistic eco-system transform and foster a robust system to bring a holistic change?
Thanks to an array of ambitious startups that are bringing disruptive ideas and cutting-edge technology.

Out of their various strategies, bringing a positive change to the “first-mile delivery” and “last mile delivery” are the real game changers.

These disruptive startups are blending last and first-mile delivery with their new approaches and optimal tech assistance.

Their goal is to be more agile, consumer-friendly and offering a cost-effective solution which is taking care of the entire logistic system by fostering growth and much-needed change.

Why last mile and first-mile delivery are two pivotal agents for logistic eco-system?

Surprisingly, the last and first-mile delivery play two distinctive roles for the logistic mechanism.

The first-mile delivery kick starts the process by taking the purchased goods from the retailer to the delivery services or say the couriers.

On the other hand, the last mile delivery is all about delivering the product at the scheduled place within the scheduled time.

Beyond all their differences in functions, both are prime keys to stimulate a better logistic service. If the first-mile delivery initiates the process, the last mile completes the entire journey.

Even a small drawback at any of the process and the entire logistics process will suffer.

To make the process seamless and shopper-friendly, new-age startups are incorporating new strategies. Few of them are given below-

Smart Locker:  Talking about disruption, this will surge ahead. The smart locker is a nice innovation to change the existing rulebook of the last mile delivery. With the smart locker, the need for meeting between the shoppers and delivery boy will go out of the park. The smart locker will be kept at a convenient place for the shoppers. Their purchased product will be sent directly to that smart locker sealed by a smart password only accessible to the shoppers.

Automation:  With automation, both the first and last mile delivery will be hugely benefited. The automated in the logistics industry will prevail in packaging, billing, invoicing, tracking and even delivering the products. The inclusion of drones for delivery or the automated software to contact the delivery service providers, tracking the entire journey of the product or even the robots to do the packaging- the new startups are leaving no books unread to augment betterment in first and last mile delivery.

What will be the ramifications of their new ideas? That will be answered in future. But for the time being, the startups are adding loads of value to the logistic mechanism.


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