Why Does The Transport Industry Need To Embrace The Digital Revolution?

Over the decade, the e-commerce has seen an exponential growth. From catering new products to encroaching new market- there is no room for imagination left for the e-commerce. Standing on the verge of immense disruption- today’s customers want better, if not superlative service from the e-commerce ventures. In the middle of suffocating competition, the online merchants are hustling day and night to satisfy them. In this scenario, the transportation emerges as a potential game-changer.

To open the new avenues and kick off a disruption, the transport industry needs to embrace the digital revolution.

What are the options left for them and how they will help the transport industry? Let’s find out-

Route Planning
The biggest advantage of the digital revolution in the transport industry will be the introduction of new hassle-free operation. Take the basic route-planning as an example.

The digital technology will make your hour-long paper-based planning a system of past where the new optimization will use the algorithms to pull in a large number of parameters into effect to automate routes efficiently, within a blink of an eye.

Be it the local, intra-city or national and the cross-border delivery- the new software will make the route-planning seamless.

Asset Tracking / Resource Management
Tracking of the deliverables is a real pain for the end customers, the merchants as well as the logistics service providers.
The digital revolution is a real game-changer here. The blend of IoT and Big Data with the advanced sensors, beacons, RFID, and GPS tracking technology are coming up front to make things better for everyone. They are collecting real-time information on the vehicles and assets.
Not only the asset tracking is the inventory management also getting tons of benefits from the digital resources. With the help of Big Data and the new IT advancements, managing a resourceful and giant inventory is becoming easy as well as preparing the products for last mile delivery without missing any schedule.

Reduce extra burden from the Employee
The digital revolution will help the employees of the logistics industry to move the products and ensuring timely delivery.

All the new advanced technology will eliminate the paperwork. With the electronic POD, there will be less paperwork. The loss of delivery notes and inarticulate information will be a thing of past.
Plus, with the new digital tools, one can keep a track on employees’ performance easily which will serve the entire supply chain process.

Add the advantage of automation with it. When things are automated from the very first day, the entire system will move like a well-oiled machine.

The transportation industry needs to be flexible with time. The best option for them is to forget their rigidity and embrace the new digital revolution to kick off a new beginning.

A beautiful amalgamation of their business expertise and the digital perks will help the entire e-commerce eco-system by moving and packaging the things faster.


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