Why Good Logistics and Transportation will decide the fate of the Indian E-commerce

Indian e-commerce has witnessed a massive rise over the years. Going beyond the mushrooming phase, it’s now a full-grown industry. Bigger sharks like Amazon is pumping in tons of money here, homegrown juggernaut Flipkart is embracing more consumers and new players are battling hard to claim their shares of the profit pie.

Now the question is amid this cut-throat competition how can one survive and scale up?  Often there is debate over the product features and awesome marketing strategy, one deciding factor goes unnoticed. Yes, we are talking about the “Logistics and Transportation” which can make or break your online business.

Why Logistics and Transportation are so important for online business?
Picture this. You have built up a great product. With the help of conversion driven marketing tactics, you have generated good leads for your product. Now people are ready to shop your product. What if you do not have a robust transportation system to reach out to them? How can you outplace your competitors with a poor logistic mechanism at your behest?

Often overlooked, the logistics and transportation emerge as the most crucial factor to augment success for your online business. It’s the decider of the messy game, differentiating the worse from the average and average from the market-leaders.

How do the logistics and transportation play the role of the decider and differentiator all at the same time? Below are the three reasons-

Happy Customers:
Customers are the end-goal of every e-commerce business. Online business dwarfs the brick and mortar ventures through their hassle-free shopping experience. Getting the products at the doorstep is one of the prime reasons for the worldwide popularity of the e-commerce. A sound logistics and transportation ensure the quick delivery and smile in your customers’ face. And is there any better growth back to propel brand reputation than a happy customer? We wonder!!!

Earning the trust:
Modern day Indian customers are adept in technology. They are not willing to compromise with their shopping experience. With more than one option at their disposal, the new tribe of consumers will move to the next company if they are not content with the service. Flip the coin. And good service at continuous basis will be able to earn their trust.

Good logistics and transportation service are instrumental to win your customers. With every timely delivery, the trust on your organization gets doubled and quadrupled. They start to build a rapport with your service and pick it up from every other viable option.

Choose your logistics and transportation service carefully, keeping the longer goal in mind. Reaching out to your customers with the product at a time is not a one day wonder. It demands a robust mechanism to repeat the process every day, every single time.

Spread out as you grow:
Logistics and transportation not only gives you a good head start but escalates your online business as you grow and look for new areas to reach out. From hyper local to local, national to international, the sky is the only limit for every e-commerce business. And do consider the vast geographic diversity of India where any average mechanism will fail to meet the purpose.

With an able logistics and transportation, you can enter into any market as you grow. Reaching out to your target audience across the province and globe will be seamless for them and certainly not a headache.

A good logistics and transportation will never leave you at the middle road to face the rant and red eye of your customers. It will deliver your products with smile and care without wasting any time. Just what the new-age Indian e-commerce demands.


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