Importance of Packaging in Logistics Industry

Packaging plays a very important role in making logistics successful.It helps in avoiding in transit damage and reducing cost by reducing “Volumetric weight”.Volumetric weight is a common standard practice of calculating weight being applied by almost all courier companies across the world. There is slight variation in determining this Volumetric weight. Some players have different metrics based on Mode of Transportation also.

Volumetric Weight – LBH in cm/ 5000 (Air Mode)
Volumetric weight – LBH in cm/ 2700 (Surface Mode)
Volumetric weight for Bulk carriers are LBH in cm/27000= 1 CFT. 1 CFT = 8 kg- 10 KG

Importance of Ply in Carton Packaging
Moreover, packaging can add a value in making the first impression on your clients. The best way is to use carton boxes to make optimal usage of space for your parcel and for safety purpose also. Carton boxes are of 3 ply, 5 ply or 7 ply. Ply basically represents the thickness of carton box.

Types of ply

The liner boards (Flat paper) and corrugated paper (swirled paper) are used as materials for manufacturing corrugated boxes. Papers are passed through corrugation rolls to obtain these fluted materials that act as a cushion, strengthen for the product inside the box. These fluted papers are sandwiched between the liner boards in creating the boxes. The fluted paper has air columns that can give soft effect as well as support the weight of the products packed in the boxes giving it an edge over another type of boxes. Depending upon the type of corrugation used, the properties of the corrugated box differ. the strength of the corrugated box can be divided into categories – 3/5/7 ply. Depending upon the type of products used and the kind of handling required- the ply value of the boxes can vary. e.g. 3 ply box will have one fluted paper sandwiched between two line boards. This kind of box can be used in shipping and storing products that are not heavy and not delicate. Similarly, 5 ply boxes will have three liner boards and two fluted papers sandwiched together.

Signage on Packaging
Signage on packets helps in getting details of product keeping informed the handler to follow the instruction of handling or placing the parcel at the correct place while in transit. Which way to put your parcel can be depicted by signage which helps in reducing damages.
The packaging material includes Polybags, Carton boxes,Palettes, Containers,Woven bags,Bubble wrap Aluminium foil, Bubble wrap, Granules, Air Pouches & Foam/Film wraps. Mega machines requires customized packaging depending upon dimensions & weight of parcel. Indian Institute of packaging based in Mumbai is one leading institute which gives extensive training on innovative techniques of packaging. eCourierz a startup in logistics Industry is trying to make Industry more efficient by offering multiple packaging solutions to e-commerce sellers.

Extensive damages can happen if parcels are not packed or placed properly. These damages can cause loss of property or even life in some cases.Flammable liquids if not packed properly can cause fire leading to damage to other products cause.Spillage of improperly packed materials may damage other materials in surroundings.
Proper packaging reduces cost of complete logistics by 5-11 % depending upon products. Indian Logistics is growing at fast pace and technological advancement with mix of Packaging will make this Industry more advanced and efficient.


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