Anyone who intends to send a courier is placing the responsibility on the courier company to make sure that their goods get to the destination in a timely and reliable manner. However, as the Sender, identifying the right way to send a parcel/ documents makes a huge difference between a successful transportation and one that becomes get lost in transit.

In order to ensure that your parcels or documents get to their destination without any hurdles, you need to simply follow the following five tips.

Do Your Research on Courier Company
It’s important to search around or search online to find the best courier company to use. The Courier Company should be one, that you can trust or recommended by your friends or peers. It’s important to be sure of Courier Company & without an engaging online presence is a little dicey. Go online & do a little research. Read the reviews, prices, and the services that they offer. A good rate of success should instill the confidence that they’ll be able to manage your parcel/ documents with ease and professionalism.

Online Ordering might be convenient
Many of us choose or prefer to place Courier Bookings online. Ordering any products or services online is a quick and easy process – and at many times it is both reliable and secure. Off late many consumers prefer to place their orders for a courier service online.Trusted Online Courier Websites ensures, their partnered couriers companies will come and collect your order in a prompt manner once the Order is placed on their website and in addition to that you will have an added bonus of a tracking facility which is open to customers.

Check any Restrictions before you book
It’s very important to check whether your Parcel or Documents has any specific restrictions on what they are prepared to send and what they are not. Anyone sending an accepted parcels, gift or papers, then restrictions might not apply. However, this is not the case for every single package. Always make sure to check with the courier if you’re in any doubt. Else, it might lead to delay or rejection or cancellation charges unnecessarily.

Protect your Parcel by good Packaging & Know Weight of Parcel
Ways of Packing

Do's of Packing
Dont's of Packing
As the sender you always should check whether or not your parcel or documents is sufficiently packed. Goods do become damaged in transit without sufficient cushioning. It is the responsibility of the sender to make sure that any goods or services that are sent are sufficiently protected. Allowances should be made if you’re sending breakables. Bubble wrap, padded envelopes or similar cushioning products will need to be utilized.

Simultaneously, it becomes all the more important to know the exact weight of the Parcel or Document, as Charges of Courier are calculated on Actual Weight or Volume Weight( in case if the parcel is light weight and Big in size). It is advised to have an estimate of weight of your parcel or document you intend to send else there are high chances of courier charges might surprise you.

Mark Addresses or Instructions Clearly
Whenever marking the address on your parcel, it’s important that you clearly mark the address along with mobile number of the recipient. Any incorrect address or one that is unreadable may result in your parcel becoming lost in transit or wrongly delivered or delayed or returned.

For parcels with breakable contents, always mark the parcel as Fragile. This will indicate to the courier that the parcel is FRAGILE - HANDLE WITH CARE.

For parcels / document which are URGENT & IMPORTANT (only when booked on Premium Services) ensure you write URGENT/ IMPORTANT- QUICK DELIVERY

For parcels with booked on Different Mode like EXPRESS/ AIR MODE, SURFACE MODE, please clearly mention appropriate mode clearly on parcel / document for proper execution of shipments.

When using a courier, it’s paramount that these five points are observed. This will ensure that your parcel or documents arrives promptly in proper condition.


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