How to avoid shipping delay

Operating an e-commerce store is not as easy as it sounds. No matter how many goods you ship in a day, any small obstacle in the fulfillment process can put your business on the toss. Customers are always anxious to know about the whereabouts of the products which they ordered. Any variation in the delivery date will lead to frustrating customers writing a bad review on your website and social media, which can ruin your business eminence.

It is imperative for any e-seller to avoid delivery setbacks as it may inhibit the growth of the company. In order to dodge this, you need to know the actual causes of the delay. Delay in shipment delivery may occur due to many reasons and some of them are:

1. Delay in Customs:
Some of the sellers undervalue their product while declaring in the customs to avoid heavy customs duties while shipping internationally. But when customs officers investigate the product and recognize it as an undervalued product, they re-evaluate it and fix the fine amount and confiscate the parcel. The shipper has to now pay the fine only after which the parcel will be delivered to the customer which in turn consumes a lot of time.

2. ODA Locations:
Certain geographical areas are considered as out-of-delivery areas where the courier companies do not directly provide their service, in turn, use a third party to deliver it. If your customer is in an ODA location, the package will be given to another vendor who may not have the provision of scanning the parcel, hence you will not know the precise status of your parcel and its time of delivery.

3. Documentation Error:
Before sending any parcel, the label has to be appended on top of the parcel which consists of details such as source & destination address, phone number etc, If the destination address is incomplete, misspelt, wrong or missing phone number or sometimes if the label gets torn due to mishandling, likelihood of delay in shipment delivery is high.

4. Climatic Changes:
Even though you have sent the shipment immediately after the order was placed, it may not reach the customer on time due to bad weather conditions such as heavy rain, flood, heavy snow.

5. Missing Shipment:
Due to the enormous orders, sometimes parcels might go missing in the warehouse and it will definitely take ample of time to search for the missing product in the huge warehouse amongst thousands of parcels.

Apart from this, if the delivery person makes a maximum of three attempts of delivery and if the consignee is not available to receive it all the time, the parcel will be returned to the shipper. We cannot shun certain reasons which are out of our hands but can definitely avoid some of them to an extent.

Some of the common measures to avoid delivery delays are:

1. Plan your inventory:
Festive seasons are the time when a majority of the customers shop online. Preparing for the top-selling products in advance during this season will save you from the delivery delay to some extent.

2. Yield proper paperwork:
Shipments get held in the customs when there are inappropriate or mismatched documents submitted in the customs which may result in confiscation of your shipment which will not be moved until the penalty is fulfilled by the shipper. Hence make sure you don't manipulate the documents which may result in delayed delivery.

3. Get in touch with the service provider:
If you find that your shipment is on hold due to customs or if the delivery date has been extended in the tracking status, then contact your courier service provider and get to know the status of your parcel so that you can keep your customers updated on it.

4. Avoid Human Errors:
Writing correctly spelled address with complete information of the destination location will avoid complication during delivery of the shipment. Clearly, the printed label will help the delivery person to deliver it to the exact address and avoid missing the courier.

The delivery delay may seem like a trivial issue but this can have a striking influence on your business. Notifying your customers beforehand of the delay that may occur is a good way of keeping your customers prepared for the delay so that they don't panic or does not lose trust in your brand.


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